Social media management platform for B2B enterprise

Manage, monitor, and measure all of your social media activities to reach your B2B marketing goals.

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Social media management

Publish social content, engage with audiences, and track valuable metrics.

Social employee advocacy

Amplify your reach by empowering employees to share content across their personal social networks.

Social media promotions

Grow your lead generation efforts with interactive social media marketing campaigns.

3 powerful solutions,
1 simple platform

Deliver delightful experiences across multiple social networks, all from one place.

Connect social media data with your marketing automation platform

Oktopost seamlessely pushes social media data to your marketing automation software
so you can improve the way you nurture, score, and attribute leads.

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Thanks to the Oktopost-Marketo integration, not only did we gain a 360 degree view of our buyer journey, we can also take a more personalized approach to communicating with our buyers at every stage of the funnel.
Aseem Badshah, CEO at Socedo
Since launching Oktopost's employee advocacy solution, we’ve seen a clear increase in the amount of branded content that employees share as well as in the breadth of audience we’re able to reach.
Mya Achidov, Social Media Manager at Sisense
When we look at the last 6 months, Oktopost's employee advocacy solution enabled our employees to share 10X more social content, generating a 70% increase in our organic social reach.
Daniel Klaus, Senior Manager of Global Digital Marketing at Fujitsu
Oktopost has simplified and expanded the level of reporting we're able to accomplish across campaign planning, posting, and measurement. We've been able to see which campaigns are performing well and focus more on improving the timing and messaging of our content.
Justin Kirkland, eMarketing Manager at ExploreLearning
Oktopost made it possible for us to leverage an employee advocacy program, streamlining the way we offer social media content to our employees and allowing us to expand our reach by 500%.
Stacy Painter, Social Media Strategist at Pyramid Analytics
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Tie social media to your B2B marketing goals

Discover how Oktopost's social media management platform can help you manage, measure, and monitor social media – all from one place.

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