How to 10X Your Social Strategy Through Data, Intel, & White Space

How to 10X Your Social Strategy Through Data, Intel, & White Space

Social media leader, Dylan Doyle reveals how he was able to get buy-in from leadership and 10X EY’s social strategy. 

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Episode Summary

When you first join a company, you always want to make a profound impact. But as a brand-new social media marketer, how do you get buy-in across leadership to implement your big ideas?

As the first dedicated social media marketer at EY Canada, Dylan Doyle shares how he shifted the social function outside of brand and to a go-to-market channel.

In this episode, Dylan explains how taking his initial social media audit from an external perspective and applying it to the internal context of EY was critical to his success. By leading his team with a data-oriented approach with a constant line of communication and real time reporting with his executives, he was able to get buy-in from leadership and 10X their social strategy.

He shares some of the lessons learned from B2C and how he’s applying them to EY. His team is breaking out of the confined perception of management consulting by focusing on business-to-human marketing—not sticking to what’s always been done and looking for new ways to innovate. Most of the success they have seen has been from keeping a streamlined simple approach that’s human and authentic.

Dylan shares that getting closer to their brand partners has been an integral part of the success. He caps off the show sharing some of the growth his team has seen since 2020 and what’s ahead for EY in 2023!

Hot Topics in this episode:

  • How to make management consulting engaging and authentic on social
  • Gaining social media buy-in from executives and leadership
  • The importance of using data to guide every social activity

Meet Dylan

Dylan leads the national social media team at EY Canada, one of the “Big Four” global management consulting firms. His team of four social media marketers develop demand generation and brand marketing programs in support of EY’s sector, service line, employer brand, talent and executive teams to drive increased differentiation, engagement, loyalty, and sales. Check out their recently rebranded Instagram channel here.

Outside of EY, Dylan runs his own social media marketing business, Due Dyligence, works as a consultant for Canadian mental health start-up, First Session and runs the bookstagram account, @_dyliterate.

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