AI and the art of meaningful conversation with Ruth Zive
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AI and the art of meaningful conversation with Ruth Zive

Ruth Zive, CMO of LivePerson stops by the Radically Transparent podcast to reveal an unexpected truth: the most powerful tools in business are not advanced AI technology or sophisticated algorithms. It’s the simple act of conversation.

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Episode Summary

Conversations captivate us. Their speed, convenience, and familiarity make them a powerful tool for communicating with customers familiarly and naturally. Yet, many B2B organizations still need help with rising customer expectations and the art of having meaningful conversations with their customers. So how can brands balance genuine human connections with modern AI technology? The answer lies in Conversational AI, blending efficiency and personalization seamlessly.

Joining episode #147 of the Radically Transparent podcast is Ruth Zive, CMO of LivePerson. Ruth passionately discusses the nuances of measuring the ROI of AI and introduces the Conversational Flywheel as a way brands can measure the positive impact of conversational AI. She breaks down the flywheel approach and explains how it helps improve both customer understanding and service for B2B brands. Ruth also exposes a massive AI gap found in a recent study between business leaders’ enthusiasm to use AI and customers’ lack of trust in brands using it, challenging B2B marketing leaders to create the right playbooks to close this gap.

Hot Topics

  • Bridging the massive AI gap between business leaders’ enthusiasm for AI and customers’ trust– and how marketers can help close it.
  • Calling out social media’s powerful role in helping B2B brands have conversations with their customers in a natural genuine way.
  • Why it’s in a B2B marketer’s interest to focus on practical applications and real-world outcomes rather than “Marketing Hype” when it comes to creating authentic experiences for their customers

Meet Ruth

Ruth Zive oversees LivePerson’s global marketing organization, focused on growing scalable, measurable, and predictable world-class demand generation, with operational rigor. A three-time enterprise software CMO, she leads the company’s digital and demand generation, field marketing and sales development, vertical and product marketing, branding, and internal and external communications functions.

Ruth has more than two decades of experience serving B2B clients in the technology, financial services, and non-profit industries. Prior to LivePerson, she served as CMO of Ada, helping to transform the company from a startup into an industry player. Previously, she led marketing for Blueprint Software Systems. Ruth is also the founder of MarketingWise, a lifecycle marketing agency that helped B2B companies develop and promote high-quality marketing content.

Ruth is based in Toronto, Canada. She earned her MSW from the University of Pittsburgh and her BA from the University of Toronto.

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