Andrea Fernandez on How to Lead and Manage a Large-Scale Global Employee Advocacy Program

Andrea Fernandez on How to Lead and Manage a Large-Scale Global Employee Advocacy Program

Andrea Fernandez reveals how she leads a large-scale global employee advocacy program 

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Episode Summary

How do you manage a large-scale employee advocacy program?

You’ve built your program, you’ve onboarded the right people, and you’ve scaled your employee advocacy program—but now what?

How do you keep your program engaging and interesting for the whole team?

It’s one thing when you have a smaller team in your program—it’s quite another when your program extends to thousands of employees.

Meet Andrea Fernandez, award-winning Global Social Media Manager at SUSE, where she manages an employee advocacy program that’s 2000 employees strong. In this episode, Andrea chats through her process with host, Olivia Messina, and explains how she:

  • Got buy-in from both leadership and the entire team
  • Incentivizes more employees joining the program
  • Keeps the employee advocacy excitement going

She also highlights what she does to get the rest of the company, even those who aren’t part of the employee advocacy program, interested through company updates, and incorporating it into the process of onboarding new employees.

Hot Topics in this episode:

  • How to keep a large-scale employee advocacy program interesting through contests and incentives
  • How to make employee advocacy part of the new employee onboarding process to recruit new advocates
  • How to create interesting content across a vast variety of different colleagues in different roles

Meet Andrea

Andrea Fernandez is a first-generation Latina, passionate about communication and its role in human interaction. Andrea attended San Jose State University, where she obtained a Master’s degree in Mass Communications and Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Chicano/Chicana Studies. She is passionate about giving back to her community by paving the way for future generations entering the academic and professional world. Outside of her day-to-day role as an award-winning Global Social Media Manager at SUSE, she is an avid traveler, dancer, reader, and foodie!

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