Avnita ​​Gulati: Why Building Your Own Marketing Methodology Sets You Up for Success

Avnita ​​Gulati: Why Building Your Own Marketing Methodology Sets You Up for Success

Senior Director, Global Marketing at VISA, Avnita Gulati, talks about Account-based marketing and how to apply it properly with buy-in from the whole team.

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Episode Summary

Customers are no longer responding to a one-size-fits-all message—and personalization can only go so far.

Account-based marketing (or ABM, since every marketer loves an acronym) is all the rage. Far from a new concept, this style of personalized marketing has come back to the forefront of hot topics in the B2B marketing industry.

But how can you take a time-consuming strategy in theory, and scale it sustainably and practically?

Meet Avnita Gulati, Senior Director, Global Marketing at VISA, with over 12 years in the B2B industry.

In this episode of Radically Transparent, Avnita explains her strategy around ABM, how to get buy-in from leadership, and how to plan an ABM strategy effectively for long-term success.

Not only that—Avnita has created a GTM rollout template from her experience that she can then apply over and over and shares it live on the show!

Hot Topics of this Episode:

  • Account-based marketing: how to apply it properly with buy-in from the whole team.
  • How to develop your own marketing methodology and improve it over time.
  • The challenges of marketing in a sector balancing between constant regulation changes and innovation.

Meet Avnita Gulati

Avnita Gulati is a change agent and currently serving as Senior Director, Global Marketing at VISA. She’s a B2B growth marketing leader with over 12 years of experience in driving go-to-market strategy, demand generation, product marketing, and marketing analytics.

A forward thinker who has transformed the marketing organization to scale by developing frameworks for cross-functional alignment, campaign management, content strategy, and MarTech investment, Avnita leads with data, logic, and experience to drive tangible results.

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