Happy “Oktober” From All Of Us At Oktopost!

on December 2, 2014

Happy “Oktober” From All Of Us At Oktopost!

Summer is over and fall is here, which means it’s time to celebrate Oktober, the month of B2B social media marketing! This year, we wanted to bring the joy of Oktober to the entire B2B marketing world with a very special giveaway. It might even be better than Christmas!
What is Oktober anyway?

Oktober is that special month every year when B2B marketers celebrate the amazing impact and benefits of social media marketing! It’s a time to reflect on how far we, as B2B social media marketers, have come since the heady days of yore.

Q: How do I celebrate Oktober?

A: Great question! Every social post you publish is a celebration. We suggest taking this month to think about how your business’ marketing has changed over the last few years as a result of social media, and sharing your thoughts with other marketers in your social communities.

Here’s some tips on how to celebrate:

Write a post about Oktober, let us know about it and we’ll share it too
Share your best B2B social media marketing tips and tricks using the hashtag #B2BOktober – we’ll retweet all tweets with the hashtag
Nominate your B2B social media heroes – come up with one or more B2B social media marketing gurus that you most look up to, share about them using their twitter handle, and make sure to include the hashtag #B2BOktober
Skepticism revolving the benefits of B2B social media marketing is starting to fade, and marketers now have the tools to prove the ROI of their efforts. But, there’s still a long way to go. The rest of the world needs to know what we know – that social media is one of the most powerful lead generation tools a B2B marketer has at his or her disposal.

We’d love for you to join us in this celebration and spread the joy of Oktober with your networks. Spread the word on social, write about it on your blog, or just tell your friends and colleagues! Remember to include the hashtag #B2BOktober.

Q: What’s in it for me?


Every new Oktopost customer in the month of Oktober will get a cute “L’il Okty” plush doll!

A: Since Oktopost is the most effective solution for B2B social media marketing, we are celebrating Oktober in style! Every new Oktopost customer* who joins in Oktober will receive a cuddly, cute, and dapper Li’l Okty plush doll.

Become an Oktopost customer today and join the celebration!

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