Cool B2B Marketing Tools for Marketo Users
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Cool B2B Marketing Tools for Marketo Users

Here at Oktopost, we love Marketo. We use it, we recommend it, we are BIG fans. In August, we got to spend the day in the Denver headquarters office for the Launchpoint Partner Event. As always, getting to spend time with the Marketo team was awesome. Additionally, getting to know the other technology partners in attendance was a highlight. As Marketo users ourselves, finding new b2b marketing tools to enhance our own experience is a win and we wanted to share that with our readers.

Digital marketing and the technology that supports it is changing every day, and b2b marketing tools offer stronger support for lead generation efforts than ever before. Here are some of the cool fellow partner products and services we learned more about in August:



B2B marketers are under constant pressure to create a predictable pipeline and know exactly which components in their marketing mix work – and which don’t. Experimentation is the only way to guarantee that knowledge, but simple A/B testing doesn’t deliver results fast enough. Metadata has created an ABM platform that consistently and reliably delivers marketing KPIs with minimum time and effort. Metadata’s patented technology can execute thousands of B2B campaigns in a matter of hours, automatically optimizing campaigns for pipeline impact at a velocity that is not humanly possible.

“Being a Marketo partner has been instrumental to our growth and has afforded many new business opportunities. One of the most incredible perks is the ability to connect with other B2B vendor partners who share our passion to innovate and drive the market forward.”

Gil Allouche, CEO @

Why we like it: One platform for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and display ads. Create target and custom audiences quickly and run multiple experiments without babysitting the process. Set it up, and let the platform do the work. Integrates with Marketo, Salesforce and intent data tools that will help you build pristine sales and marketing targets.


Mintigo is a Customer Intelligence Platform that provides a holistic view on where customers are in the buyer’s journey and guides marketing and sales teams on who to target and when to engage. Our self-serve SaaS platform, powered by AI, makes it easy for revenue teams to build growth strategies by discovering their total addressable market, building target audiences around key insights, and orchestrating campaigns at scale. Whether you’re just getting started with optimizing your revenue engine, or looking to amplify your go-to market strategy, Mintigo can help. From fast-growing companies to large scale enterprises, businesses of all sizes are using Mintigo to build effective revenue plans and growth strategies.

“As a data geek, with passion for data, and the insights that can be extracted from data to support businesses growth (marketing, sales, CS), there is a tremendous value in our partner eco system combined with Marketo/Adobe. Making it easy to activate the data and take advantage of the AI-recommendations and insights for greater conversions, higher ASP or whatever business outcome you are looking for is paramount. Through Marketo and the partner eco system we are making it easier for our customers to connect the dot, and take advantage of the Mintigo brain.”

Gail Morag, VP Partners @ Mintigo

Why we like it: Holy data! This platform puts B2B marketers in an extremely informed position. If your team is analytical and driven by metrics, this is a great option to drive and refine those goals. B2B companies would greatly benefit from this robust, smart platform.


The Tactile Marketing Automation (TMA®) solution helps marketers drive results through the send of personalized, high-impact dimensional mail, directly from their marketing automation platform. The TMA solution makes the send of dimensional mail as easy as email. Just drag and drop print and dimensional pieces into your automated campaigns. Once the step is triggered from within your campaign, fulfillment, shipping and tracking is handled for you.

“Marketo always finds a way to take partner events to a new level. This year it was great to see a number of our mutual partners onsite to help better enable the Marketo CSMs to help their customers with strategic integrations through LaunchPoint. With the overwhelming amount of digital clutter, PFL has enjoyed leading the way in execution of orchestrated, personalized tactile touches to take engagement rates for Marketo customers to new levels.”

Zac Lloyd, Enterprise Account Executive @ PFL

Why we like it: Direct mail is BACK. If you haven’t heard, highly personalized and timely direct mail is a great tactic for B2B marketers. This product allows you to send items from within the platforms we are all already using every day, like Salesforce and Marketo. Get to those decision makers faster, while improving your overall marketing efforts. So simple.


The video platform that helps businesses transform communications and drive more revenue through the strategic use of online video. Going beyond video hosting and management, we help businesses connect with more viewers through interactive and personalized video experiences, learn powerful insights on their viewing audience, turn insights into action with enterprise integrations, and prove the impact of their video programs.

“As we always do, Vidyard had a great time visiting the Marketo team in Denver. As the internet continues to be dominated by video content, it’s an incredibly exciting time to be helping marketing teams understand how to use video to create truly meaningful experiences. After all, video is the next best thing to being there in-person!”

Greg Kelly, Manager, Strategic Alliances @ Vidyard

Why we like it: Your sales team can’t get that prospect on the phone, but you can SEE they are opening emails? This is a perfect solution. Include a video of the rep with a personalized message, and drastically improve your email response rate. Give their free Chrome extension a try and send your first video email through the link above.

Check out some of these awesome b2b marketing tools and let us know what you think!

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