Announcing the Winners of the B2B Social Media Awards 2022!
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Announcing the Winners of the B2B Social Media Awards 2022!

Over the past ten years, B2B Marketing teams have gone from doing social media activities because “everyone else is” to seeing real value and quantifiable results.

Organizations have been increasing their investment in social media budget and resources, with 82% of CMOs citing social media as their top growing channel of 2021. In fact, 61% of B2B companies are making social media a top investment priority this year.

The B2B Social Media Awards are designed to shine a light on B2B social media achievements and highlight individuals, teams, and companies that are consistently delivering excellence in social content, programs, and results. The awards are the most prestigious benchmark for experts in social media marketing, across all B2B industries, globally.

Following the announcement of the awards, we received hundreds of nominations and applications for various categories. After the closing date, our panel of judges went through each application and nomination, reviewing social activities, programs, and campaigns to select the following categories and winners.

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Join us in celebrating the best of the best in B2B social media:

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Best B2B Social Media Campaign

This award was devised to recognize specific B2B Social Media campaigns that were published from the company’s social channels. The judges were spoiled for choice with the campaigns submitted, from curation programs to original thought leadership content and viral videos.

Best B2B Social Media Campaign Winner (NA): “SUSECON Digital 2021”, Andrea Fernandez, SUSE

Judge’s comments “Andrea delivered a compelling campaign with engaging original content campaign that created incredible reach with high engagement and increased their followers to boot!

Honorable Mention – “#BeautyContentKillers”, Launchmetrics

Judge’s comments “A well-thought-out and planned program with clear objectives and great outcomes!

Best B2B Social Media Campaign Winner (EMEA and APAC): “Change for Good” Helen Hauck, IFS

Judge’s comments, “A truly integrated campaign, amplified through structured, measured and highly effective social media activities.

Honorable Mention “Inspired to be the Best”, Luciana Cemerka, Teleperformance

Judge’s comments, “A clever and creative approach to social media growth with impressive results.


Best B2B Employee Advocacy Program

With employee advocacy programs becoming more and more popular, this award is recognizing excellence in amplifying the businesses social media content with a specific B2B program.

Best B2B Employee Advocacy Program Winner (NA): Elizabeth Maxwell, Empyrean

Judge’s comments, “Great use of technology and employee networks to deliver amazing results!

Honorable MentionAmanda Benour, Everest Group

Judge’s comments, “Amanda triumphed with her employee advocacy program, thanks to careful planning and consideration.

Best B2B Employee Advocacy Program Winner (EMEA): Caio Miguel, DHL Supply Chain

Judge’s comments, “Caio has built and delivered consistent, outstanding results from DHL’s employee advocacy campaign, leveraging a considerable network to drive tremendous engagement.

Honorable MentionRachel Zeevy, NICE Ltd

Judge’s comments, “Not satisfied with an incredible employee advocacy program, Rachel also launched a successful partner advocacy program to take their reach and engagement even further!


Best B2B Community Program

Social media stretches far beyond pushing content, and businesses are now trying to open up the conversation and create communities. This award is for community programs that have shown true excellence in creating an engaging group of people with shared interests or purpose.

Best B2B Community Program Winner (NA): Arthur Castillo, Chili Piper

Judge’s comments, “Chances are that if you work in B2B Marketing, you’ve heard of Chili Piper, they’ve worked incredibly hard to cultivate one of the most prominent communities in the B2B Marketing Space.

Honorable MentionLauren Howard, Dawn Foods

Judge’s comments, “Lauren and her team at Dawn Foods have put together an impressive community of over 100,000 social bakers through an array of social programs.

Best B2B Community Program Winner (EMEA): Carmela Manta, Accedian

Judge’s comments, “Carmela and team have created an engaging MSP partner community program with insights and thought leadership material to extend core product and market knowledge to the wider audience.

Honorable MentionIzzy Bishop, Wiser Elite

Judge’s comments, “Izzy and her team have built not just one, but five(!) communities totaling over 1500 individual regularly engaging members.


Best B2B Social Media Agency

This award is for the unsung heroes in the world of social media agencies. These teams have to adapt and grow multiple communities, curate and create engaging content while trying to meet the goals of their clients, oh, and please make it go viral!

Best B2B Social Media Agency Winner (NA): Chris Walker, Refine Labs

Judge’s comments, “Refine Labs have consistently delivered impressive results for their B2B clients and are a huge advocate for social media, with their secret weapon, Dark Social!

Honorable MentionJen Spencer, SmartBug Media

Judge’s comments, “A fully-integrated service incorporating the very best of social media strategies and activities with their Intelligent Inbound services.

Best B2B Social Media Agency Winner (EMEA): James T Fletcher, JTF Marketing

Judge’s comments, “For JTF Marketing, driving growth through predictive marketing performance is their core competency, from marketing automation implementation, and lead nurturing campaigns, to lead scoring strategies. The team at JTF Marketing are ideally placed to understand the value that social brings to the modern day marketing team.


B2B Social Media Innovation Award

Content is always moving, changing and improving and with social media, things move very fast! To stay relevant, interesting and get great results, B2B teams need to be evolving and innovating. This award is to shine a light on those teams that have delivered outstanding results through innovation.

B2B Social Media Innovation Award Winner (NA): Elizabeth Maxwell, Empyrean

Judge’s comments, “Using new and compelling brand awareness and social strategies, Elizabeth and her team have been able to become a talking point in their industry!

Honorable MentionRenata Grigoli, Encora Inc.

Judge’s comments, “Encora swims in a very busy lane, to keep ahead of their competition and drive results, they’ve taken a very targeted approach to their social media strategies.

B2B Social Media Innovation Award Winner (EMEA): Jamil Zakaria, GoCardless

Judge’s comments, “Jamil and his team have used B2C strategies to drive innovation to their B2B audiences, showing true vision and showing great results.

Honorable MentionMargaret Franco, Finastra

Judge’s comments, “Finastra’s company culture is built on a foundation of innovation and collaboration, and Margaret Franco has transformed their sales and marketing strategies by embracing social media as a sales and marketing channel.


Best B2B Social Media Leader

For Mid-Market and Enterprise organizations, social media success is often driven by leaders with a true passion and drive for their business. This category highlights leaders that provide motivation, energy and creative approaches to social, while keeping alignment with their marketing and business goals.

Best B2B Social Media Leader Winner (NA): Stephanie Carls, Corel

Judge’s comments, “Stephanie is a hands-on leader who’s energy and passion infects others and supports her team as they strive for greatness in all they do.

Honorable MentionMichael Newman, Tipalti Inc.

Judge’s comments, “Michael’s customer-oriented approach has led the Tipalti Marketing team to see great growth in marketing and social media.

Best B2B Social Media Leader Winner (EMEA): Pooja Sriram, Chargebee

Judge’s comments, “Pooja’s vision for the ChargeBee brand and her leadership on social media, have helped shape a growing community with great engagement.

Honorable Mention – Caio Miguel, DHL Supply Chain

Judge’s comments, “Caio brings positivity, creativity and passion for the DHL brand and promotes innovation in content, encouraging others to flourish.


Best B2B Social Media Team

In B2B social media, to grow and gain great returns, it takes a village! The teams that work cohesively and collaboratively to foster new ideas and get things done are the ones that often yield the best results. This category is to celebrate the army of people involved in B2B social excellence!

Best B2B Social Media Team Winner (NA): EY Canada, Dylan Doyle, Nikki Altman, & Jasleen Dogra

Judge’s comments, “The EY Canada social team focuses on the core principles of the EY brand: sustainability, and building a better world for tomorrow. In using this tactic to promote the betterment of humanity and our impact on the world, they’ve done the impossible: making accounting, finance, and tax law engaging.

Honorable MentionZoom, Rhonda Hughes

Judge’s comments, “Zoom’s social team is especially adept at taking the same content and repurposing and adapting it across social channels. Repurposing content is an underrated superpower in the social media world, and Zoom, we see you!

Best B2B Social Media Team Winner (EMEA): S&P Global Market Intelligence, Kristina Thomas

Judge’s comments, “S&P publishes some of the most important information of our generation—but how you present that information translates to whether or not it’s read. The consistent tone and rigor that the S&P social team maintains is admirable!

Honorable MentionDKSH, Aline Anliker

Judge’s comments, “DKSH’s social team is dedicated to providing insights to their customers—and this focus on adding real value is something that deserves an honorable mention!


Best B2B Social Media Practitioner

Best B2B Social Media Practitioner Winner (NA): Virginette Acacio, Snowflake

Judges comments, “Virginette always keeps a bit of levity to Snowflake’s socials. This is a great example of a B2B social strategy that keeps it fun.

Honorable MentionMeryoli Arias, Chili Piper

Judge’s comments, “We were impressed with her work on Chili Piper’s TikTok—once again proving that this network is viable for B2B, and that B2B social doesn’t have to be boring.

Best B2B Social Media Practitioner Winner (EMEA): Jimena Lazarte, Vontobel

Judge’s comments, “Jimena and the Vontobel team’s use of eye-catching infographics and customer-centric messaging allowed Vontobel’s overall marketing campaign to overperform compared to industry benchmarks!

Honorable MentionJay Azar Radzinski, Solar Edge

Judge’s comments, “Jay’s social media work radiates positivity and an upbeat tone. Definitely a go-to follow for a rosier view on the world and the way SolarEdge is changing it.


Best B2B Social Media Rising Star

Best B2B Social Media Rising Star Winner (NA): Brianna Fredriksen, ComplySci

Judge’s comments, “Brianna’s content-focused approach and creative ideas have been a breath of fresh air for the team at ComplySci.

Honorable Mention – Elizabeth Timbes, Omnicell

Judge’s comments, “Elizabeth has such a positive and engaging energy and she has a real passion for social media.

Best B2B Social Media Rising Star Winner (EMEA): Alexander Taylor Noble, Finastra

Judge’s comments, “Alex personalizes everything he does, putting the audience first in relation to all things social.

Honorable Mention – Helen Hauck, IFS

Judge’s comments, “Helen brings an integrated, collaborative approach to social media and her curiosity for learning has helped IFS take social media to the next level!


Congratulations to all 2022 winners of the B2B Social Media Awards! Not only was it an incredible experience getting to know those who we didn’t know prior, but we love celebrating shining examples of B2B social media!

We can’t wait for next year!

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