Back to Basics: Your Social Media Questions Answered

Back to Basics: Your Social Media Questions Answered

Olivia Messina and Addie Peters take the hot seat to answer your most asked social media questions.

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Episode Summary

No social media manager has all the answers – but the Oktopost social team is hoping to change that one insight at a time!

Shedding some light on the most asked questions around B2B social are Olivia Messina and Addie Peters. The two tackle a tell-all episode around a broad scope of questions in the social media industry.

Tune in for a conversation on landing a role in social media, the B2B organizations with a noteworthy TikTok presence, how to determine the best time to post, tips for leading an employee advocacy program, writing content for colleagues, and so much more!

And, of course, our social team shares the truth about engagement rate and why it’s not the most meaningful metric to report on, or is it?

Hot Topics:

  • Tips for landing a social media position
  • Reporting on engagement rate – is it the golden metric?
  • Writing for employee advocacy: navigating creating copy for others to share

Meet Addie

Adeline Peters is Oktopost’s Social Media Content Specialist. Passionate about creating engaging and intuitive content, she is getting her hands dirty. Addie strategizes, delivers, and manages content across multiple social platforms. She crafts posts for Oktopost’s employee advocacy board and is always looking for what to share next. Alongside this, she is an expert in creating content that evokes emotion and triggers a deep thought process.

When Addie isn’t writing posts or outlining strategies, you can find her heading to a yoga class, baking, or filming Tik Toks.

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