Boost Your Video Marketing Strategy with the New YouTube Integration
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Boost Your Video Marketing Strategy with the New YouTube Integration

Video content is taking over social media as people all over the world watch and engage with video more than other types of content.

B2B marketers who want to keep up are using video production tools, such as PowToon and Promo, to enhance their video marketing strategy and create more videos than ever before.

While every social network tries to encourage the adoption of native video formats, YouTube is still the biggest video-sharing platform in the world.

And today, we’re proud to announce Oktopost’s new integration with YouTube.

The brand new YouTube integration will allow Oktopost users to publish, monitor, and measure their YouTube channels, directly from the platform.

Once you connect your YouTube channel, you’ll be able to schedule and post videos to YouTube directly from Oktopost. You also have the option to set a title, description, thumbnail, tags, and visibility settings.

The most significant benefit of the integration is that every link you include in the video description will be shortened and tracked by Oktopost. This will allow you to better estimate your YouTube marketing ROI.

In addition, any comments on your YouTube videos will appear in the Social Inbox – you can reply and engage directly from Oktopost.

Finally, Oktopost will track engagement on your video content and add this data to every report. The video metrics include impressions (as views), link clicks, comments, and likes. You also have access to your YouTube channel subscriber base growth displayed as Followers in the Analytics.

If you want to learn more about our YouTube integration, feel free to contact us or visit our knowledge base.

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