Expert Tips for Building Brand Awareness with Employee and Executive Voices
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Expert Tips for Building Brand Awareness with Employee and Executive Voices

Adrian reveals how Finastra built a successful employee advocacy program that even resulted in their employees asking to join.

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Episode Summary

Your employees are your company’s biggest asset, and learning how to utilize them as brand ambassadors can significantly enhance your social strategy and brand awareness.

Take it from Adrian Solomone, who is directly involved in building Finastra’s employee advocacy program, and it’s so successful that their employees are asking to join.

In this episode, Adrian joined host Alina Dallal to reveal Finastra’s secrets for success and share valuable tips for implementing an advocacy program at a large organization. He also dives into how they capitalize on Oktopost’s AI tools to ensure their advocates are personalizing their content, quickly and efficiently.

But, when it comes to advocacy, it’s not just the voices of your employees that you should be amplifying. Adrian walks us through how they encouraged their executives to get involved in thought leadership on LinkedIn, and the steps they’re taking to guide them along the way.

What results are they seeing? Their advocacy program brought in the highest number of signups for a recent webinar, compared to other marketing strategies.

Hot Topics:

  • The impact of implementing a successful advocacy program
  • The importance of building executive thought leadership on LinkedIn
  • How they’re proving the value of social media on ROI and business outcomes

Meet Adrian

Having worked in marketing for nine years as well as working closely with sales, Adrian has a lot of experience under his belt and a unique perspective that he brings to the table.

Ultimately, his experience led him to his position as the Social Media Lead at Finastra. Together with his team, they look after their corporate LinkedIn and X channels and he is directly involved in building their employee advocacy program.

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