Breathing Life into B2B: How to Put the Human Back in Social
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Breathing Life into B2B: How to Put the Human Back in Social

Catharina Sartori Mensak takes the hot seat to reveal her playbook for putting the human back in B2B social.

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Episode Summary

We all know B2B doesn’t need to be boring, but most organizations still aren’t getting it right. So for the first episode of Behind the Post in 2023, we’re bringing in the expert!

Catharina Sartori Mensak, Content Marketing Manager at Stahl is sharing her playbook on crafting humanlike, engaging content that is the opposite of boring.

Cat unpacks tactical ways to make your content less boring and more authentic, even in highly regulated industries. She believes that the companies that win on social are the ones who dare to be different and think of social media as stories. Olivia and Cat talk about what it really means to put people at the forefront of your strategy and what that content looks like in action.

Stay until the end to hear Cat’s playbook for personal branding–P.S. the first step is being yourself!

Hot Topics:

  • Creating authentic and humanlike content for B2B
  • Engaging content strategies for regulated industries
  • How to create a personal brand from scratch

Meet Cat

Catharina is a seasoned B2B marketer who’s worked in B2B for start-ups and scale-ups for the past 5+ years and is now venturing into corporate B2B. In the past 3 years, she’s specialized in growing B2B LinkedIn pages organically and creating educational and human content. She’s a huge proponent of rehumanizing B2B marketing, and it shows in her personal branding efforts.

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