How to Build a B2B TikTok Strategy from Scratch!
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How to Build a B2B TikTok Strategy from Scratch!

Dani Sayag goes Behind the Post to reveal the intricacies of building a B2B TikTok strategy.

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Episode Summary

Want to launch a podcast? Need to build a B2B TikTok strategy from scratch? Don’t know where to start with social metrics and reporting?

If you’d like the inside scoop on the questions above, this episode of Behind the Post is for you!

How marketers approach B2B social has drastically changed over the years, and our next guest Dani Sayag, Social Media Lead at Syte, has been through it all!

This episode will have you on the edge of your seat while Dani walks through how the B2B social landscape has transformed to become more authentic, humanlike, and in line with our B2C counterparts.

Dani dives deep into the social metrics every B2B Social Media Manager should be tracking, and what social media success means to her. She even reveals the step-by-step process of launching an engaging TikTok presence for B2B organizations. You’ll be taking notes as she gets granular and uncovers the many truths no one tells you before starting a TikTok! Lastly, Dani wraps up the show with her greatest advice for starting a podcast! As a podcast host herself, you’ll definitely want to hear this!

Hot Topics:

  • How to launch a successful B2B TikTok–Dani’s step-by-step recipe
  • The key social metrics B2B Social Media Managers should know inside and out
  • Dani’s greatest advice for launching a podcast

Meet Dani

Dani Sayag is the Lead Social Media Manager at Syte. Focusing solely on social media for the last 10 years, she’s tackled nearly everything social encompasses from freelance to hi-tech, Twitter to TikTok, thought leadership to influencer marketing, and consultations to training. She also recently started her own Podcast, Vanity Metrics, and will launch a network for social media managers in the Israeli hi-tech scene next month.

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