Maximizing B2B Social: How CBIZ Created a Winning Social Selling Program
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Maximizing B2B Social: How CBIZ Created a Winning Social Selling Program

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Episode Summary

In this episode, host Alina Dallal sits down with Brittany Otting, the Director of Social Media at CBIZ. With Brittany’s extensive background spanning eight years in various industries, she brings a unique perspective on social media to the table.

Brittany walks us through CBIZ’s successful social selling program, sharing valuable tips on their best practices for training their revenue teams and advocates, how they are measuring their success, and how they are proving that social media influences revenue.

As we know, no two days in social media are the same, and Brittany reveals how they approach their corporate strategy to navigate these changes. Given frequent algorithm updates, she shares how they experiment with different content types to stand out on social, and she doesn’t hold back from revealing her tips for a successful strategy.

Hot Topics

  • How to implement a successful social selling strategy
  • Proving the impact of social media on ROI
  • How they leverage algorithm changes to experiment with their corporate strategy

Meet Brittany

Brittany Otting has worked in social for eight years, in a range of different industries. She has been at CBIZ for two and a half years, recently moving into her position as the Director of Social Media. She works directly with CBIZ’s employees to build their personal brands and encourage their engagement in social selling, as well as managing their corporate social strategy.

When she’s not behind the post (pun intended), she’s spending time with her husband and two dogs, Jade and Cardi B. She’s also a giant Kansas City Chiefs fan, a general enthusiast of sports, and a big country music lover.

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