Create Dozens of Unique Social Posts in Seconds with AI
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Create Dozens of Unique Social Posts in Seconds with AI

Life’s too short to manually upload all your content to social media.

Our enterprise customers share a LOT of content every day, and often the same posts go to multiple profiles on each social network. Over the years, we rolled out many features to help marketers stay productive and optimize SMM workflows.

Today, we’re excited to announce yet another amazing tool that will save you tons of time – AI Message Generator.

If you’re using our Autoposter, you know that Oktopost lets you schedule hundreds of posts in just a few clicks. But what about creating all that content? This part of social media management takes up even more time. Our new AI Message Generator can take care of that.

Let’s say, you have a webinar landing page to promote or a blog post announcing a new product and you’d like to create a social media campaign around it. That means you need to manually compose numerous social posts with the same link. Depending on how many profiles you manage, this task might take up to a few hours.

With Oktopost, you can now create dozens of unique social posts in seconds. Simply insert a link into AI Message Generator, select how many posts you want for each network and watch our powerful AI instantly generate your social content (already with hashtags!).

You will notice that there is a limit to how many social posts you can yield from each link – it depends on the amount of copyable text on a web page. AI Message Generator analyzes the text and calculates the maximum number of unique social posts that can be generated from this page. In the settings, you can adjust the length of your posts: for more unique content, make each post a little shorter.

AI Message Generator can save up to 40% of the time social media managers spend on creating posts – that’s hours and hours that you can now dedicate to more strategic tasks. Are you afraid robots will take your job? Don’t be, turns out it’s awesome.

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