Customer Engagement: Latest Research from Over 2,000 Global Consumers and Marketers

Customer Engagement: Latest Research from Over 2,000 Global Consumers and Marketers

As we approach 2018, marketing is undergoing significant and rapid changes. We’re shifting away from the mass, push-based strategies, and towards more one-on-one, targeted communication that stems from personalization, authenticity, and trust.

In the words of Marketo, we have entered a new era – an era marked by the ‘Engagement Economy’ where consumers are not only more informed and digitally connected, they also face countless opportunities from your competitors anywhere and everywhere.

This new landscape represents a rift between what customers expect and desire from companies, and what marketers can subsequently deliver and believe is effective. In fact, while 82% of marketers believe they understand their consumer, 50% of consumers think brands could do a better job.

With an unlimited number of digital channels at your disposal, the challenge is to find out how, when, and why customers want to be engaged. Your success in the Engagement Economy will be based on the degree to which you can tap into all of these customer touch points to provide one integrated experience.

The idea of “integrated experience” is especially critical when you look at how social media is often left disconnected from other marketing methods. As a channel where 33.5% of consumers go to learn about products or services, social media is a fundamental data source for unlocking customer interests, behavior, and expectations.

If you’re looking to align social media with your customer experience strategy, check out Marketo’s Executive Summary of the ‘The State of Engagement’ Report, which brings you the latest customer engagement insights from over 2,000 global consumers and marketers. To read the full report, go here.


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