Managing Priorities, Projects & Tactics with Limited Resources
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Managing Priorities, Projects & Tactics with Limited Resources

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Episode Summary

Managing priorities, projects, and tactics with limited resources has become a common challenge faced by many modern-day marketing leaders. To effectively manage these constraints comes down to strategic planning, effective communication, agile practices, and continuous optimization.

In this episode of the Radically Transparent podcast, David Kung, VP of Marketing at Bluescape Software exposes some of the biggest marketing challenges he’s facing as he comes up against limited resources in today’s economy.

One step forward and two steps back is a great strategy when you’re walking the plank

says David as he explains some of the slogans he uses to motivate his team and keep the needle moving forward.

He also dives into how he is balancing the minimum effective dose to find the things that require the least amount of effort, with the greatest impact. David also reveals why focus is key when prioritizing projects, and tactics and how it helps his team stay mindful of what is working. He talks about the importance of measuring initiatives and gaining insights in order to craft the next creative endeavor.

With a unique background in technology and storytelling, David even discloses what he has learned from past experiences working at Disney, what he has learned about how people process vision, and how the power of visual content can help take your content strategy to new heights.

Hot Topics of this Episode Include:

  • Using visuals to maximize inspiration, collaboration, and insights
  • Finding the minimum effective dose to define the initiatives that require the least amount of effort but will drive the maximum impact
  • A marketing leader’s best-kept secrets on motivating a team when resources are limited

Meet David

David Kung is currently serving as the Vice President of Marketing at Bluescape, a secure visual collaboration platform that brings your team and all your work together in one place to propel productivity, creativity, and breakthrough innovation.

Customers of Bluescape include Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, higher education, and media and entertainment. A Silicon Valley-based company, Bluescape was named one of Fast Company’s 2022 Next Big Things in Tech Awards.

As for David, he is an accomplished product development and strategy leader with extensive experience in translating concepts into deliverable features. He holds a Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and his influential work in many early storytelling and technology projects can be seen from his experience leading teams at the Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development Center, the Creative Arts Agency and Oblong Industries, Inc.

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