Turn Your Advocates into Brand Champions with The New Content Suggestions
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Turn Your Advocates into Brand Champions with The New Content Suggestions

We’re delighted to introduce the brand new Content Suggestions, recently added to our Employee Advocacy platform!

Launched due to popular demand, Content Suggestions allows advocates to contribute content to the board, pending approval from program admins.

As with every new addition to the board, our team has worked diligently to build a solution that provides maximum control for program admins while keeping it simple for advocates.

If you’re running a social advocacy program and looking to increase employee engagement, here’s why you should consider adopting content suggestions.

Boost Employee Engagement

When we talked with customers managing some of the more successful social advocacy programs, we found that more often than not, their brand champions would contact them directly and send content recommendations to post on the board. While the fact that employees are excited enough to share their recommendations is impressive, it can become a tedious process if handled manually.

Enter Content Suggestions

By giving exposure to brand champions’ best practices, such as content recommendations,  we’re also educating employees on how to become better advocates. Top advocates not only post company content but also take the time to read about the industry they’re in and share this content with their friends and colleagues.

More Engaging Content for Advocates

Your employees know which content their friends and followers are interested in. That’s why Content Suggestions also spells Better Content for the advocacy board.

With suggestions coming in directly from advocates, program admins will be able to source more compelling content, which is guaranteed to engage their social audience and yield better results. Another benefit? It saves precious time for program admins, who get a helping hand in researching and discovering new, relevant content.

How Does It Work

To enable advocate Content Suggestions, go to the board settings page and turn it ON. Once activated, a new tab will appear on the board admin allowing them to manage the suggestions. Advocates will also see a new tab allowing them to submit their ideas.

Each idea submitted by an advocate can contain written text, as well as a link attachment. Advocates will also be able to download our browser extension to send suggestions from anywhere on the web. For mobile users, a native sharing extension will become available upon downloading the latest version of the social advocacy app.

Once advocates start submitting their ideas, program admins will receive a notification and need to approve or reject the suggested content. Approved submissions will show up on the board with the name and thumbnail of the person who suggested the content, creating a better incentive for other people to share.

For more information on how the Content Suggestions feature works, feel free to visit our knowledge base or contact us.

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