Employee Advocacy: Should Gamification Include Rewards?

Employee Advocacy: Should Gamification Include Rewards?

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Episode Summary

When it comes to employee advocacy, should gamification include rewards when employees share your content?

It’s one of the hottest debates taking place between employee advocacy leaders around the globe.

On one hand, we know that incentives go a long way towards increasing employee morale and engagement in the program. Many organizations offer incredible monetary rewards from flights to exotic locations to gift cards and vacation get-aways.

However, as Yara Malalane, Customer Success Manager at Oktopost explains, rewards shouldn’t come at the expense of helping employees understand the power of becoming a thought leader in their industry– and why the program is being rolled out in the first place.

While rewards are nice, it can also be a challenge to find a reward that will be a one-size-fits-all reward to motivate all advocates. So how SHOULD you incentivize?

Hot Topics of this Episode Include:

  • The great debate of all employee advocacy programs: to reward or not reward employees for participating in the program?
  • If you decide to gamify and reward, how to incentivize it and the benefits that go along with it
  • Popular tactics to gamify an advocacy program– and what marketing leaders should consider before deciding to reward employees

Meet Yara

Yara Malalane is an experienced advisor to B2B businesses in social strategy, employee advocacy, and the true ROI of social.

Currently serving as a Customer Success Manager at Oktopost, Yara is passionate about the use of SaaS solutions in order to enhance operational efficiency, insightful decision-making, and increase customer delight, with a focus on Martech and social media management.

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