4 Employee Advocacy Templates to Boost Any Advocacy Program in 2021
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4 Employee Advocacy Templates to Boost Any Advocacy Program in 2021

These Employee Advocacy templates were built to be used at any time throughout the employee advocacy journey.

From listening to advocates and applying feedback, to launching a successful pilot program, using the Employee Advocacy templates are sure to save you time in planning and sustaining your program. Here are 4 Employee Advocacy Templates to Boost Your Program Success:

Employee Advocacy Survey

What’s that old saying? We have two ears and one mouth for a reason?

Marketers running Employee Advocacy programs can greatly improve the success of their program by showing that they care. One of the best ways to do this is by listening to what advocates have to say about their engagement in the program and putting feedback into action.

Be transparent about the goals of the advocacy program and share employee feedback with stakeholders in the program and even the advocates themselves.

Here is a template of questions for the kick-off survey that can be used any time throughout an advocacy program to help guide program leaders in the right direction:

Download the Employee Advocacy Survey.

Employee Advocacy Pilot Checklist

Employee advocacy pilots are always a good idea.

They give program leaders the ability to select the right people, drive adoption, and gain buy-in from leadership to launch a successful program.

There are often many moving parts of the pilot and quite a number of people involved in order to make the pilot a success. Because of this, a check list will keep you organized as you launch your pilot and prepare for the live roll-out.

Download the Employee Advocacy Pilot Checklist.

Employee Advocacy Pilot Presentation

C-level executives may not be immediately sold on employee advocacy. Therefore, building a business case from the pilot period to show that employee advocacy can have a meaningful impact on business objectives is often a step in the right direction.

In this presentation, demonstrate the value to employees. Present examples of how it works for other B2B organizations. Build a presentation to help walk C-level executives through your initial pilot.

At Oktopost, we’ve helped numerous customers build Employee Advocacy Pilot Presentations. To make it simple, here is a template to get started!

Download the Employee Advocacy Pilot Presentation.

Employee Advocate Audit

The great thing about an Employee Advocacy program is it is always changing. Running an audit of program participants to assess the impact of a program can have many benefits.

The assessment can even aid in sparking creative engagement of advocates or incentive programs that match their followings.

These insights can even help sales tighten their social media profiles in a professional way using best practices, for instance.

Program leaders will also be able to use this information to create social selling workshops and training relevant to their unique sales organization.

This audit template will help identify active social media users in your program
and put employees with large followings to good use:

Download the Employee Advocacy Audit.

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