Engage Your Social Audience with PDF Sharing and Tracking
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Engage Your Social Audience with PDF Sharing and Tracking

To gate or not to gate? This is one of those eternal questions for the B2B marketing community.

When it comes to social, gated and ungated content serve different purposes – and both absolutely have their place in your strategy. When you decide to go ungated, you want to get that content in front of your audience in the most engaging way: to make it easier for them to read it, and for you to track it.

We get that! And our new feature called PDF sharing is here to help.


This new functionality is already available in your post console for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. When you compose a new post, you can attach a document as easily as you add an image or video.

Once you upload a PDF, you can change its cover, title and description (which also serve as the meta title and meta text).

Your document will be automatically uploaded to Oktopost’s Media Library and hosted on our server. It will appear in your social feed as a post with a link attachment.

This new feature allows marketers to quickly share eBooks, reports, presentations, infographics, checklists and other PDFs on social media and to Oktopost’s Advocacy board. Just go ahead and post your documents without having to worry about uploading them somewhere first.

Now, the most exciting part of sharing your PDFs through Oktopost is that you can track views in the same way you track social link clicks and other engagements. You can also sync this data to your marketing automation and append it to existing leads to get a deeper understanding of how customers and prospects engage with your content.

To be able to do that, go to your marketing automation integration settings and enable ‘Track Document Views’. And, as always, let us know if you have any questions.

Happy sharing!

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