Introducing Facebook Live Audio: Could This Be the Next Big B2B Marketing Tool?
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Introducing Facebook Live Audio: Could This Be the Next Big B2B Marketing Tool?

From Messenger Bots, to Live Video, Facebook is becoming a platform that does it all – an all-in-one network. On a very consistent basis, it has been offering a multitude of new features – releasing just one at a time. However, sometimes these features get slipped under the rug, leaving B2B marketers without a lot of information to guide them.

So what new feature does Facebook have in store for marketers? Could this be the next BIG thing that solves your engagement crisis?

Get ready, because this upcoming Facebook feature could give your content the umph it needs.

Sound Without Visuals

Facebook’s upcoming feature is Live Audio.

And while a live broadcasting without visuals may seem traditional, most of us still listen to the radio while driving. According to Facebook, people often like to listen to audio while doing other things.

Similar to Live Video, listeners will be able to discover new audio content in their News Feed, and engage with the broadcast in real-time by: asking questions, leaving reactions, and sharing the audio with friends.

Can I get a hell yeah?

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For Android listeners, multitasking is made easier as they can leave the Facebook app and lock their phone, while iOS users have it slightly different – they must be inside Facebook to keep listening, while browsing through their feed.

How Can B2B Marketers use Facebook Live Audio?

When it comes to B2B marketing, storytelling is perhaps the best way to hit the emotional chord of your audience. And what’s great about this new Live Audio feature is that it let’s you do just that – tell a story with words and no video.

If you have created podcasts before, then integrating Facebook Live Audio into your content marketing mix should be a cakewalk. Otherwise, you still have time to prepare and consider the types of content you want to deliver via this format.

Here are a few ideas to help you channel your inner podcaster:

  • Share helpful information: Just like you would share your thoughts and expertise by writing a blog, the same ideas can be shared through audio. Take a few minutes to offer tips, a personal perspective, or even a quick “how to” guide, and deliver it with an energetic, confident tone.
  • Interviews: Consider featuring an interview with a loyal customer about the value of your product. You can also include an important discussion with an industry expert or one of your own company thought leaders. While you’re at it, your audience might write some questions in the comments section to ask the interviewee – this is a great platform for your audience to be heard.
  • Read out loud: How about doing a live reading of your best-performing blog post, or a captivating teaser from an eBook? Keep in mind that people like to multitask, so make sure that the audio is short and sharp.
  • Announcements: Engage your audience in live events – making an early product announcement, giving them the opportunity to join a webinar, or inviting them to a conference!

Is Live Audio Worth Your Time?

In such a visual-driven world, perhaps you are wondering if this audio feature is even worth your time and effort.

It is, and here is why.

Besides the fact that this could add another dimension of interactivity for your audience, audio could be the next big thing!

Try watching TV or a video while blocking your ears. You’ll notice that even though you can view the content, you still won’t be able to understand it. In contrast, when you close your eyes and listen to the medium you can still comprehend the content. That’s because listening tunes our brain to the patterns of our environment faster than any other sense!

giphy (83)

In his book, The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind, Seth Horowitz offers an interesting perspective on how there’s so much more to hearing and listening than we think. He refers to the animal kingdom, emphasizing that listening connects them to the world’s “good vibrations”.

It’s fair to say that listening is inherently a powerful sense that allows you to deeply grasp information, even while doing other things. So why not take advantage of this basic human ability when creating your marketing content?

More importantly, with audio broadcasting issues related to connectivity and quality are eliminated. Live Audio also means you don’t have to worry about delivering visuals when they are not required. Your audience chose to consume their information from this medium so all you have to do is concentrate on your words of wisdom.

Does this mean radio is killing the video star?

giphy (82)

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

So there you have it. Take advantage of this feature – and of audio in general – to educate, startle, and engage your audience.

There’s just one more thing. Facebook is currently testing out Live Audio on several big-name partners and authors. Luckily, you can expect to see it roll out to everyone early this year!

What do you think of the audio broadcasting feature? Is it redundant or a useful one? That’s for you to try out and decide. 

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