10 Social Media Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind
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10 Social Media Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

There was a time when social media marketing (particularly in the world of B2B) was an unproven concept with almost no data to back it up. Those days are long gone. With the increased use of social media analytics, not only is such data more important than ever, it’s also more prevalent than ever.

To illustrate, I would like to highlight a few notable social media statistics, compiled from three of my favorite social media marketing blogs: SocialBarrel, Social Media Examiner and Convince and Convert.

Here are the 10 Social Media Marketing Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

#1. 1 in 3 professionals around the world has a LinkedIn profile.

#2. Tweets with images gain 150% more Re-Tweets.

#3. Only 45% of marketers think that their Facebook marketing efforts are effective.

#4. Google+ has more than 300 million active monthly users.

#5. 66% of social media marketers plan to increase their YouTube marketing in 2015.

#6. 64% of marketers are using social media for 6 or more hours and 41% for 11 or more hours weekly.

#7. 53% Americans following brands on social media are more loyal to those brands.

#8. 88% of marketers want to know how to measure their ROI on social media.

#9. 85% of bloggers use paid or sponsored posts on social media.

#10. 80% of consumers expect brands to be on Facebook, 60% expect brands to be on Twitter and a little over 40% expect brands to be on YouTube.

Hopefully, these stats we just listed accomplished one of three things:

  1. They reinforced the effectiveness and scope of your current B2B social media strategy
  2. They highlighted new areas and opportunities to capitalize on
  3. They highlighted ways for you to differentiate yourself from the competition

What’s your take on these statistics? Did any catch you by surprise? As always, we’re looking forward to seeing your reactions in the comments section, as well as on social media!

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