The Secrets Top PR Professionals Use to Get Media Coverage
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The Secrets Top PR Professionals Use to Get Media Coverage

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Episode Summary

The amount of time and energy it takes to get your brand featured in a top-tier media outlet is not for the faint of heart. It’s all about building meaningful relationships with the right people.

In this episode of Radically Transparent, Lauren Gumport, Vice President of Communications and Brand at Faye reveals some of her top secrets for getting top-tier media coverage.

She calls out how media professionals are busy people and why it’s up to marketers to make their job easier. One of the ways Lauren suggests marketers can build an outstanding relationship is by creating custom pitches for each journalist. Taking pitching to the next level requires you to connect with the person, not just a stranger who happens to be a journalist.
Remember, you’re pitching to a person, not a publication.

Throughout the episode, Lauren confirms that if you want top-tier coverage, you have to ditch the “spray and pray” method when connecting with journalists. Instead, define fifty to one-hundred reporters who matter to your space and build these relationships over time.

In addition, Lauren even dives into the type of content that matters, why social media managers should live in-house, and how she is measuring media relations’ impact on the brand.

Hot Topics of this Episode Include:

  • Why social media should live in-house
  • How to get top-tier coverage for a brand nobody has heard of
  • Building measurement plans to measure public relations effectively

Meet Lauren

Lauren Gumport is the Vice President of Communications & Brand at travel insurance disruptor, Faye.

Passionate about the mix of travel and tech and how the combination of the two transforms experiences, Lauren has 10+ years of experience in launching high-growth startups to global audiences.

With a data-driven approach to storytelling, Lauren has reached international markets and driven startup growth exponentially.

Prior to Faye, Lauren worked as Director of Global Communications at top Y combinator-backed Guesty where she took the brand’s travel tech solution global, earning a bigger presence in key markets in order to boost the company’s bottom line and shape the vacation-rental space’s narrative as we know it today.

An award-winning media relations executive who advises startups on PR in her free time, Lauren can oftentimes be found working as a digital nomad defining and shaping the next trends in travel. Lauren’s commentary has been published in outlets including BuzzFeed, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes.

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