Truths Every Marketer Should Hear About Transformation

Truths Every Marketer Should Hear About Transformation

More companies in 2020 have had to make more strategic decisions in nine months than in the last nine years. Unmasking the truth behind transformation, Elinor Kalina, CMO of Jolt joins me on our Radically Transparent podcast to confess the bold decisions she had to make and the giant risks she had to take to pivot the entire organization and marketing function.

As a marketing leader well skilled in branding and communication, Elinor brings to light what an entirely new generation of CEOs, CMOs and marketers can learn from some of the most drastic organizational transformations of 2020 to succeed in 2021 and beyond.

Listen in and learn the truths behind leading and surviving transformation.

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About Elinor Kalina:

Elinor is a SaaS and consumer marketer, CMO at Jolt an  innovative ed tech brand, previously Creative Director at Wix and led performance marketing, brand, creative, user lifecycle and growth teams at various consumer startups.

She’s a huge believer in B2B and consumer marketing converging, that data is the best internal branding storyteller and that only true, fast growth can rally teams together around a shared goal.

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