Less is More: B2B Content for Results
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Less is More: B2B Content for Results

Olivia Messina and Addie Peters reveal how B2B brands can scale back on content and earn better results through employee advocacy.

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Episode Summary

It’s a time of economic uncertainty– budgets are being cut, teams are getting smaller, and the cost of living is increasing, yet we’re still expected to see growth with fewer resources and spend.

If you’re currently facing this dilemma, you’ve come to the right place. In this episode, Olivia Messina and Addie Peters discuss why doing less can actually be more. The duo shares their experiment, which led to a 32% increase in engagements, all while scaling back on content.

In the second half of the show, Olivia and Addie discuss how you can earn more meaningful engagements, more reach, and customer engagement through employee advocacy. Your brand can’t go it alone–leveraging employee engagement can help you reach new heights your corporate channels could never achieve on their own! Tune in to learn why it’s more authentic than paid social and how one of our customers decreased their cost per click from $5 to $1 within the first 45 days of their program!

Hot Topics:

  • How to decrease your cost per click with employee advocacy
  • What content to create when leveraging your employees on social media
  • Why cutting back on the volume of social posts can increase your engagement

Meet Addie

Adeline Peters is Oktopost’s Social Media Content Specialist. Passionate about creating engaging and intuitive content she is getting her hands dirty. Addie strategizes, delivers, and manages content across multiple social platforms. She crafts posts for Oktopost’s employee advocacy board and is always looking for what to share next.

Alongside this, she is an expert in creating content that evokes emotion and triggers a deep thought process.
When Addie isn’t writing posts or outlining strategies you can find her heading to a yoga class, baking, or filming Tik Toks.

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