How to Leverage LinkedIn Pulse to Publish Content and Expand Reach
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How to Leverage LinkedIn Pulse to Publish Content and Expand Reach

80% of B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn, and the platform has continued to be a top priority for B2B marketers to share content and attract leads. However, many B2B marketers may not be leveraging LinkedIn Pulse. Pulse is a way to create and publish articles directly on LinkedIn in order to raise engagement levels and visibility.

Why You Should be Using LinkedIn Pulse

Built-in audience

Posting on your own blog and then distributing the post out can sometimes be difficult to attract an audience. While you should still be posting on your blog site, by leveraging the publishing capabilities of Pulse, your content will be sent out to a wider LinkedIn audience automatically. When you publish a post, your followers will receive a notification instantly. Interesting content is one of the top three reasons people follow a brand on social media.

Expanded exposure and interactions 

Publish a few articles on LinkedIn and compare the views and engagement to articles posted on your blog site. LinkedIn is a community of business professionals of over 300M+ members and you can increase your visibility.


Makes sharing easy

Pulse makes commenting on articles easy and the comments are more visible to other folks on LinkedIn. This allows conversation to get started on your content. They can in turn share your content easily as well.


You can share your LinkedIn posts onto other social media platforms which in turn drives people to your LinkedIn page. If your goal is to gain more followers on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to drive the clicks and followers to your page.


How to Create Content on LinkedIn Pulse


As with all blog articles, publish a catchy headline. It will be what is shown in the left navigation on Pulse and what will draw viewers to your post. It is also all your followers will see when they are notified that you published a post.


Adding images and a cover photo at the top of the post can help drive interest. You can also add small graphics throughout the post to break up the text and show examples of what you are discussing.


While there is no limit on word count, be sure you have enough information to make a valuable blog. If you’re posting less than three paragraphs, the blog may not be worthy of a post on Pulse. However, be aware that this is for blog postings and should not contain all of the contents of a longer piece, such as a white paper.

Post Regularly

Just as you do on your blog, it’s important to keep creating new content to attract new followers. According to LinkedIn, 6 out of every 10 LinkedIn users are interested in industry insights—the most-demanded type of content among LinkedIn members.

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77% of B2B marketers plan to increase their use of LinkedIn in the future. You should be leveraging LinkedIn Pulse and adding Pulse to your marketing strategy. Test out publishing articles and see how Pulse expands your audience and engagement. 63% of marketers rate LinkedIn the most effective for B2B social media, so try increasing your efforts on the platform.


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