LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise: Everything You Need to Know
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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise: Everything You Need to Know

LinkedIn has a more specialized audience than social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, which makes it an ideal channel for B2B marketers. In fact, 40% of B2B marketers agree that LinkedIn is the best platform when it comes to generating high-quality leads.

While the base Sales Navigator platform offers more than enough functionality for small teams, Sales Navigator Enterprise is a more robust choice for larger organizations. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Sales Navigator Enterprise including its features, benefits, pricing, and how it compares to the regular Sales Navigator service.

What Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise is a sales platform that’s designed to help companies drive more revenue through LinkedIn. While the basic Sales Navigator platform comes at three different price points, Sales Navigator Enterprise is much more powerful and is only available at custom prices based on the social selling needs of your organization.

The additional functionality of Enterprise could be helpful for almost any B2B company. However, Enterprise will be best for companies that want to make a strong investment in LinkedIn sales.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise Benefits

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise is now Advanced Plus. Despite the change in branding, the product is largely the same as it was under the Enterprise name. If you upgrade to Advanced Plus, you’ll get everything that normally comes with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Teams/Advanced as well as some additional tools.

Sales Navigator Enterprise includes the standard features you would expect from any enterprise-level SaaS solution. For example, Enterprise members can set up single sign-on to streamline access and make user accounts as secure as possible.

TeamLink Extend is another important feature that’s exclusive to the Enterprise edition of Sales Navigator. This tool incorporates your organization’s entire network into Sales Navigator — including connections from members who aren’t on your sales team.

In contrast, base Sales Navigator users can only make connections through other users with a Sales Navigator seat. Every Enterprise subscription comes with an extra 1,000 seats through TeamLink Extend. This is a crucial edition for larger companies that want to maximize the value of their combined LinkedIn networks.

Advanced Plus members also gain access to advanced CRM integration for platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Sync data back and forth in real time and connect LinkedIn Sales Navigator to the rest of your sales workflow. Contacts you connect with through LinkedIn will be seamlessly added to your CRM.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise Features

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a vital tool for businesses that want to generate more revenue through LinkedIn. It streamlines various aspects of lead generation and unlocks sales opportunities that aren’t available to other LinkedIn users.

Without Sales Navigator, one of the most challenging elements of LinkedIn sales is that you can only send direct messages to users who you are already connected to. In order to contact a lead, they first need to accept your connection request. This adds a critical barrier between you and potential contacts.

Fortunately, Sales Navigator comes with monthly InMail credits at no extra charge. Each credit can be used to send a message to a user you aren’t connected to. All three Sales Navigator subscription tiers include 50 InMail credits per month.

The Advanced Lead and Company Search tool is another value-add for Sales Navigator users. On top of the basic LinkedIn search capabilities, Sales Navigator introduces extra features that make it much easier to find the leads you’re looking for. You can use this search to identify top prospects and prioritize your InMail credits.

Free LinkedIn users are limited to filters like name, industry, language, school, and title. With Sales Navigator, you’ll have access to those plus a long list of other filters including:

  • Company size
  • Recent LinkedIn activity
  • Seniority level
  • Company revenue
  • Recent leadership changes
  • Years in current position
  • Many more!

Once you spend some time using Sales Navigator, it will start to automatically recommend new leads based on your sales history. Both Lead Recommendations and Advanced Lead and Company Search are included with all Sales Navigator plans, so you don’t need an Advanced Plus membership to access these features.

You can view suggested leads by finding a target company and then checking their Account Details page. This tool streamlines the process of identifying the right stakeholders and decision makers when selling to a new organization. Alternatively, you can view ideal leads from multiple companies in the Recommended Leads list.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise Pricing

LinkedIn doesn’t advertise any clear pricing plans on their website for the Advanced Plus service. The base price is known to be $1,600 per seat per year, but you may be able to get a better deal depending on your volume and the length of your subscription.

That might sound like a lot of money, but it’s ultimately not much more than you would pay for other Sales Navigator plans. For example, Sales Navigator Core starts at $79.99 per month billed annually, which works out to almost $1,000 per year. Similarly, the base rate for Advanced is $131.25 per month billed annually ($1575 per year).

LinkedIn offers a free trial for the Core and Advanced plans, but it’s worth noting that you’ll have to provide payment information. You will be billed automatically at the end of the trial period, so make sure to cancel your subscription before that time if you’re not interested in paying for the service.

You can usually get volume and long-term discounts for Sales Navigator, so it’s a good idea to check these rates if you’re comparing different subscriptions. $1,600 per year is a substantial investment, even for larger companies. Fortunately, LinkedIn offers a free demo where you can ask questions and get a feel for how the service would work in your organization.

Getting the Most from LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise

Sales Navigator Enterprise is a powerful service, but your results will ultimately come down to the way you use it. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective Sales Navigator Enterprise strategies for both lead generation and revenue growth.

Leverage Filters

Sales Navigator’s filters can be overwhelming, but they’re an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to finding the right leads. Make sure to take advantage of these targeting capabilities in order to generate more conversions. You should also use TeamLink to look for leads who have connections with members of your organization.

Always Use Your InMail Credits

While InMail credits roll over month to month, there’s a limit on the total number of credits you can have at any one time. LinkedIn will stop adding new credits to your account until you use some of the credits you already have. InMail is one of the best perks of Sales Navigator, so make sure to use your credits every month.

Install the Sales Navigator Extension

The Sales Navigator Chrome extension can identify LinkedIn accounts from email addresses you interact with in G Suite. If you’re emailing a potential contact in Gmail, you can easily pull their LinkedIn information and continue the interaction there. Even if you usually use another browser, it’s worth installing Chrome just to access this feature.

Final Thoughts

If you want to develop a strong B2B sales funnel on LinkedIn, you should seriously consider investing in Sales Navigator Enterprise. Enterprise comes with several key benefits compared to the regular version of Sales Navigator, and it could help generate an immediate increase in your LinkedIn ROI.

At the same time, Sales Navigator is limited to sales functionality. In order to generate leads, you also need a strong LinkedIn presence to demonstrate your brand authority. Oktopost is the best way to optimize LinkedIn campaigns and develop a good foundation for B2B sales. Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Oktopost can level up your LinkedIn marketing and sales tactics.

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