How Content Marketing Has Changed
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How Content Marketing Has Changed

A solid content marketing strategy is one of the most important elements for a business to help shape a brand’s identity. But with employees more mobile and more remote than ever been before, what implications does this have on the modern day content marketer?

On this podcast episode of Stuff You Should Know About Our Changed New World, we’re excited to bring you Zev Brodsky, Content Marketing Manager at Perimeter 81 and the brains behind their entire content strategy. With Colin Day, Oktopost‘s Managing Director EMEA as your host, these two marketing gurus dive head first into the tactics content marketers need to expand audiences and connect with them in such a way that grows sales and increases revenue.

Listen to the Podcast:

About Zev Brodsky:

Zev Brodsky is a seasoned content writer, manager, podcast host and strategist with a strong track record in engaging audiences across the cybersecurity and Fintech industries. He is currently leading the content strategy at Perimeter 81, a Zero Trust Network as a Service designed to simplify secure network, cloud, and application access for the modern and distributed workforce.

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