Up Your Social Game with Oktopost’s AI Tools for Content Creation
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Up Your Social Game with Oktopost’s AI Tools for Content Creation

With various marketing initiatives and product updates happening simultaneously, B2B social media managers have a lot of content to produce at once. Webinars, podcasts, events, blogs, you name it, your team most likely has them. This is where AI tools for content creation can come into play.

Social media managers need to keep up with giving every initiative the spotlight on social media, as well as within your employee advocacy program, that it deserves.

AI can lend you that welcomed helping hand. In fact, according to Insider Intelligence, 3 in 4 marketers are using AI tools for content creation.

Oktopost is charged with a mission to empower B2B social media managers, and to do so, we have built-in AI features to help you create compelling and engaging content, at scale, and save you considerable amounts of time that you can refocus on the rest of your social strategy.

Here’s a breakdown of what each feature looks like:

Oktopost’s AI tools for content creation

AI Assist

Sometimes writer’s block hits creatives at our busiest moment, and we need a little assistance to see us through. The AI Assist feature is a powerful tool designed to aid social media managers in overcoming these moments to enhance their content creation process.

All you’ll need to do is select the text you need a little boost of inspiration on, and AI Assist can add some content flare to your writing. This ranges from expanding, simplifying, or rephrasing your posts to changing the tone of the text, for example to a professional tone, funny, engaging, or casual tone.

This feature is available in the Post Console to assist you when crafting social media posts, in the Inbox when you’re writing comment responses, and in the Story Message Editor, when you’re creating advocacy messages.

The tool empowers you to spark your creative flow with new ideas to keep your social strategy engaging and impactful while saving considerable time. With the range of lengths and tones the rephrase tool offers, you can experiment with different copy to discover what resonates best with your audience.

AI Rephrasing for Advocates

Employee advocacy is crucial in B2B marketing, and personalization is the key to your strategy’s success. That’s why we created the AI Rephrasing for Advocates feature to empower your advocates with the confidence they need to personalize the content on their advocacy board.

Your advocates can use the tool directly within the advocacy board when they go to share a story. And, if they regret their edits and fear they’ve lost your template copy completely (the panic happens to the best of us), they can easily press the reset button.

The benefits of this feature for your employee advocacy program are twofold. Firstly, no matter the size of your organization, you can’t cater to the specific tone, voice, and personality of each employee at your company. Our AI Rephrasing for Advocates tool helps your employees rephrase advocacy content quickly to match their style and persona, increasing the likelihood that they’ll be comfortable posting on social.

Employee advocacy is an effective strategy to reach more people and increase your brand’s visibility. However, repetitive copy-and-paste content shared by all your advocates risks the appearance of authenticity. This is where the second benefit comes in. The likelihood that your sales, finance, or legal departments feel comfortable creating and editing content for social is low, but with this feature, they can easily rewrite and vary their content based on the original topic and message you provide them. This enables your advocacy program to avoid the pitfalls of repetitive posts.

AI Message Generator

As we said before, in B2B marketing, social media managers have a lot of initiatives to keep up with. And along with your list of to-do’s in the world of social, calendars are set to change when something new pops up at the last minute.

Naturally, we wanted to find a solution that could help social media managers when they just didn’t have the time to write multiple posts for social, so we built a tool that can help you write social copy from scratch.

By simply pasting the link of the asset you want to write about, such as a blog, webinar, or article, the AI Message Generator can swiftly generate multiple draft posts tailored for various social networks, and generate diverse copy with different hashtags to help you reach a wider audience. You can find the tool within the messages tab of your campaigns on the social media calendar and start saving time when it comes to social media content creation.

Its benefits extend beyond efficiency and also help you by generating fresh ideas and sparking inspiration for writing, enhancing your creativity.

AI Message Generation for Stories

When it comes to B2B marketing, your employee advocacy program is as important as your corporate social strategy. Content needs to be created at scale to keep your advocates engaged in your program, and cover the themes and topics that are relevant to your marketing strategy.

To help you accomplish this, we created AI Message Generation for Stories, a tool to help you create content for your advocates to share.

The feature automatically generates messages for an advocacy story when you input a Story Title and Description in the New Story tab. All you need to do is input the information about your story in those fields and click ‘Generate a message with AI’, and it will do all the writing work for you, tailoring it to the various social networks your advocates use. You can then review the message and edit it as you like.

This feature can help you empower your employee advocacy program, by assisting you in creating advocacy content at scale, saving you time, and ensuring that you’ll be able to provide your advocates with compelling content to share with their network.

AI tailored for the needs of B2B marketers

With the scale of content created in B2B organizations, social media managers can either drown in a sea of posts or get ahead with a little help from AI content creation tools. While there’s no shortage of AI products on the market, using an AI tool that’s able to write content tailored for various social channels, be in tune with your brand voice, and is built-in to your existing social media management tool saves time while ensuring you can easily create an array of on-brand content for your social media audience.

When time is of the essence like it is in B2B marketing, you need all the tools at your fingertips to ensure content is created on time and to perfection – which is why you need a B2B social media management platform that features content creation tools as part of the existing product.

Work smarter with Oktopost’s AI tools for content creation

It’s clear AI is revolutionizing marketing, and at Oktopost, we want to empower social media managers to harness it for greater social strategy success.

With Oktopost, you can use AI to inspire and create compelling social content in the same platform built for specifically B2B social media managers to streamline their social media content strategy across multiple networks.

To learn more about our social media management platform and our AI tools for content creation, explore the platform now.

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