Streamline Internal Communication with Oktopost Employee Advocacy for Microsoft Teams
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Streamline Internal Communication with Oktopost Employee Advocacy for Microsoft Teams

The biggest lesson 2020 has taught us is that B2B organizations need better tools and practices to engage and communicate with their own employees. In the era of WFH, business communication platforms like Microsoft Teams are mission-critical for driving operational and organizational processes for any department.

As the leading B2B employee advocacy solution, Oktopost has recognized this need and focused on creating products that help reach every employee across departments and locations, empowering them to amplify company messages on social media. Our new integration with Microsoft Teams helps marketers facilitate and prioritize social selling, social employee advocacy, and employee engagement via internal communication channels.

What is Oktopost Employee Advocacy for Teams?

As we often say, employee advocacy can deliver exceptional results and give your B2B social marketing strategy a much-needed power boost – but to get there, your employees need to share a fair amount of social content on a regular basis. There are a few good ways to drive your participation numbers, but nothing works better than bringing your content where your people are.

With our new integration, you can reach every employee with personalized content in a way that’s most comfortable for them. Oktopost helps you enhance the visibility of the company content both internally and externally.

Oktopost Employee Advocacy for Teams is a built-in module that enables platform users to quickly discover and discuss relevant advocacy content, share it with their social networks, and track engagement, without having to leave Teams.

There are a few key benefits this integration can bring to your B2B organization:

For marketing leaders: Enhance internal communication with social advocacy and vice versa to increase productivity and performance, reduce communication friction and tech fatigue, and build a better workplace.

For internal communication owners: Centralize your communication with employees and provide quick access to company news, updates, and announcements for the entire organization through Teams.

For employee advocacy owners: Boost participation and engagement rates by effectively showcasing advocacy content to individuals and groups within the organization and allowing them to share it to social in just one click.

For employees: Discover company news, updates, and messages and quickly share them with your social networks without leaving Teams.

How does Oktopost Employee Advocacy for Teams work?

Oktopost’s Employee Advocacy for Teams provides access to your advocacy board inside personal Teams tabs and the ability to share and discuss advocacy messages in channels. Users can access the Oktopost leaderboard and share advocacy content directly to their social profiles from both Teams’ personal and channel tabs.

Personal tabs: Discover and post relevant content to social directly from Teams.

Channel tabs: Share advocacy content with individuals, groups, or across the entire organization.

Card actions: View advocacy messages and share them through Teams.

Messaging extension: Allow users to search (via bot command or button) and post content from the advocacy board to Teams channels.

To enable Oktopost Employee Advocacy for Teams, please download the app here and install it following these steps.

We’re very excited about this release and our partnership with Microsoft that will benefit our mutual customers. As always, we’re looking forward to your feedback and will be happy to answer any questions regarding the new integration.

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