Choosing Marketing KPIs that Matter and Work with Patrick Barbera
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Choosing Marketing KPIs that Matter and Work with Patrick Barbera

Patrick Barbera, Director of Product Marketing at IntelyCare, and named in the Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers by Product Marketing Alliance reveals why picking the right marketing KPIs to track and measure can significantly impact the direction and success of your marketing efforts.

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Episode summary

Intent data helps you to prioritize accounts by capturing customer activities and gauging their level of purchase interest, otherwise known as buyer intent. As a marketing leader, when you know which accounts are more receptive to your messaging and in need of your solution, you can create even more personalized experiences at scale and truly amplify your impact.

But what happens when you don’t understand how to use intent data effectively? Or worse, how do you select the right KPIs to help move the needle forward?

In this episode of the Radically Transparent podcast, Patrick Barbera, Director of Product Marketing at IntelyCare doesn’t hold back as he dives head-first into a discussion about how selecting the right marketing KPIs can make or break the impact that intent data has on your marketing initiatives.

Throughout the episode, Patrick reflects on the weight of this decision and how this specific task is what ultimately steers all marketing efforts toward measurable success.

Patrick also uncovers why developing a dynamic data dashboard or repository to keep track of marketing KPIs is a must for every marketer to keep a pulse on performance without getting bogged down by data overload. He even reveals his secret to measuring what matters lies in staying focused and being flexible.

Beyond the collection and monitoring of data; Patrick goes into the importance of taking action on first-party intent data and how to leverage it to drive meaningful marketing outcomes.

Hot topics

  • The Art of KPI Selection: Learn why picking the right marketing KPIs is both an art and a science and how this choice can significantly impact the direction and success of your marketing strategies.
  • Measuring What Matters: Explore the power of data dashboards or repositories that track your chosen KPIs and simplify the complexity of data management.
  • Actioning First-Party Intent Data: Understand how to use first-party intent data to build personas and transform buyer intent information into active marketing strategies to drive growth

This episode is a must-listen for marketing leaders, data enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the intersection of technology and marketing strategy. Whether you’re grappling with data management challenges or looking to refine your approach to KPI tracking, Patrick’s insights offer valuable guidance and inspiration.

Don’t let your data just sit; let Patrick show you how to make it work for you.

Meet Patrick

Patrick Barbera is a seasoned leader with proven experience in product marketing and product management. His experience working along the entire product lifecycle allows him to have a unique view of how to strategically reach company goals.

With a robust background in the educational technology space, he is adept at navigating both technical and healthcare-adjacent market segments that include both B2B and B2C audiences.

He is passionate about utilizing data and insights to deeply understand customer needs and deliver value to customers. Patrick also prioritizes building strong relationships with internal stakeholders in order to align efforts and drive key performance indicators forward.

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