How to Stay Productive as a Social Media Manager
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How to Stay Productive as a Social Media Manager

Social media managers do it all – literally. Sheldon Bruck went Behind the Post to reveal how he stays productive while juggling multiple responsibilities as a Social Media and Community Manager.

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Episode Summary

Social Media Managers wear many hats. From crafting strategic social content plans to growing online communities and keeping up with the latest trends trends, we’re juggling multiple responsibilities. So how can we manage these diverse responsibilities efficiently and effectively?

In this episode of Behind the Post, host Alina Dallal welcomes Sheldon Bruck, the Social Media and Community Manager at D-ID, to uncover his secrets to staying productive with all the different responsibilities he has.

Even though no two days in social are the same, Sheldon takes us through a typical day in his role, sharing insights into the responsibilities he focuses on daily, weekly, and monthly that help him stay on track.

As the solo manager of D-ID’s social media presence, he delves into how he balances stakeholder demands, navigates last-minute calendar changes, and the pivotal role of cross-department collaboration in delivering a top-notch customer service experience.

Diving into the value of social media analytics on any social strategy, Sheldon reveals how monitoring social analytics helps him remain productive when it comes to content creation.

Tune in for valuable tips and strategies for staying productive when working in social media from a seasoned professional.

Hot Topics:

  • The marketing tools that simplify his work processes
  • The daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that keep him on track.
  • The importance of cross-department collaboration in helping him get his job done efficiently

Meet Sheldon

Sheldon is the Social Media and Community Manager at D-ID, a company at the forefront of revolutionizing Generative AI-powered interactions and content creation.

Sheldon has a track record of delivering innovative and strategic social media campaigns and content that enhance brand visibility and customer interaction. His approach combines creative innovation with analytical precision, making him an invaluable asset in achieving targeted marketing outcomes and engaging diverse audiences effectively.

Sheldon lives in Tel Aviv with his dog, Mylo, and his cat, Tessa. In his downtime, he enjoys CrossFit and watching Netflix, and he co-hosts a podcast with his brother called “All Brucked Up.”

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