How Can Social Media Help Increase Event Conversions?

on May 16, 2016

How Can Social Media Help Increase Event Conversions?

The most effective B2B content marketing tactics are in-person events (cited by 69% of marketers) and webinars (64%).  As a B2B marketer, simply getting people to attend your live or virtual event is not enough.  You’re asked to provide ROI for the events in order to validate the budget spent on events.  In order to increase event conversions, you need to use social media to nurture your attendees and follow up with them post-event.  Here are some tactics to use social media to increase conversions pre-,during, and post-event:


Get creative using social media to gain new followers and get your followers excited about your event. By using tactics that discovers who is interested in your event and brand, start the conversation with individuals.

During the Event

During the event, take advantage of having their attention and focus on you, whether it be in-person at a large event, a smaller in-person private event, or even online. For 58% of US marketers a part of their real-time marketing engagement strategy includes using social media to engage their target audience during timely events.

After the Event

It’s important not to lose your connections after the event, but reach out with helpful content that will push them through the sales and marketing funnel.  On average, it takes prospects an 10 marketing touches from the time they enter the top of the funnel until the deal is closed, and they’re officially a new customer.

More than half of event professionals say the biggest challenge in social media is using it effectively. By starting your social media event strategy before the event, you can nurture your prospects and increase conversions.  Keep the attendees engaged throughout the event and be sure you follow-up with content.

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