The Next Generation of Social Publishing with Oktopost

on August 15, 2019

The Next Generation of Social Publishing with Oktopost

Planning, writing, and publishing content is a considerable part of a social media manager’s work in a B2B company. The average company that runs a content marketing operation can create hundreds, if not thousands of social media posts every month. Making sure that our users have the right tools to excel at their job is what we do here at Oktopost.

Today, we’re delighted to announce our brand new post console, packed with dozens of new features and improvements that make our customers’ lives better.

The first thing you will notice when you open the new console is that we didn’t change the design that much. While there are many improvements in the user interface, we kept the familiar look and feel to ease the transition.

The new console does have, however, some noticeable changes.

Creating better content with the new console

Every social network is inherently different, and tailoring your message to each of them is the key to building engaging communication. In this release, we introduced a few changes that streamline content creation with Oktopost.

The first one is the posting window that you can now drag, minimize, and enlarge. The minimized version will allow you to navigate freely to other tabs, while the maximized version contains a live desktop and mobile preview – so you can visually tailor your message to each unique social network.

post console preview

Next, we added an emoji picker 🙂 Oktopost has always supported emojis, but in this release, we made it easier for marketers to pick and choose emojis when creating their content.

We also introduced hashtags autocompletion. When you start typing a hashtag inside your post, Oktopost will display a dropdown menu with trending hashtags that start with the same letters.

Improved handling of media uploads

In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the use and consumption of visual content, from images to GIFs to videos. And marketing teams are required to keep up with this trend. That’s why we are constantly improving how media is handled in Oktopost.

Oktopost will now automatically resize images that are too large to fit a network’s dimensions. Users will also have an option to crop their images according to each social network’s requirements.

For video uploads, we added a preview and the option to replace a thumbnail on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Sharing content natively

One of the coolest things that we introduced in this release is how Oktopost handles link attachments. From now on, our users will be able to publish links to any post from the same social network as native shares.

Supporting Twitter Card previews

We now also support Twitter Card previews. When you paste links to Twitter messages, you will no longer see the image upload recommendations. Instead, there will be a live preview of how your link will be displayed on Twitter.

This release sets an important milestone for Oktopost’s social media publishing solution and addresses much of the feedback our customers have shared with us. If you already had a chance to work with our new post console, we will be happy to hear your thoughts.

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