Oktopost Rolls Out TikTok Integration to Leverage B2B Social Strategy
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Oktopost Rolls Out TikTok Integration to Leverage B2B Social Strategy

B2B companies use social media to increase their reach and talk with their prospects, and they need to do it wherever their customers are. Over the past few years, TikTok has exploded in popularity, becoming one of the leading marketing platforms for B2C brands. TikTok has also recently emerged as a powerful and valuable tool for B2B marketers, driving brand awareness and affinity.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Oktopost is now a part of the TikTok Marketing Partner Program. We’ve added TikTok as a fully supported network in our platform!

Unifying Campaign Management to Improve Visibility and Productivity

There are a few key reasons why we decided to integrate TikTok into Oktopost. First and foremost, we wanted to make it easy for our customers to adopt this rapidly growing social media network. By providing our built-in management, scheduling, analytics, and AI capabilities for TikTok as well, we help our customers use TikTok to its full potential. This will save them time that would otherwise be spent on manual engagement and reporting, and will allow them to scale their social media activity more effectively.

Another key benefit of our TikTok integration is the ability to unify campaign management in order to improve productivity and report quality. With Oktopost, our customers can see all of their TikTok data in one place just like the other social networks, making it easy to understand how the audience engages with their TikTok content. They can also quickly respond to comments from customers and prospects, and increase compliance using our collaboration tools, rules, and permissions.

Understanding the True Business Value of Your TikTok Marketing

But perhaps the most important benefit of our TikTok integration is the ability to understand exactly how your TikTok marketing impacts your business. With Oktopost, you can thoroughly analyze your TikTok campaigns and compare them to other social networks, giving you a clear picture of how effective your TikTok efforts are. You can also measure TikTok’s direct impact on your conversion metrics and business KPIs, making it easier for you to understand how TikTok marketing performs.

The ability to smartly manage all TikTok videos from one integrated social media suite lets you provide better customer experience and get the most out of your TikTok marketing efforts. We can’t wait to see the great results you’ll achieve with TikTok and Oktopost!

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