#WFH Compatible: Why We Need a Movement
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#WFH Compatible: Why We Need a Movement

You can’t ignore the growing prominence of working remotely in today’s Covid-19 landscape. The fact that a once emerging trend to work from home (WFH) has become mainstream, in a matter of days, is downright unbelievable.

Suddenly, the people that made up the office workforce are scrambling to set-up workspaces, at home. These new home offices are being interrupted by spouses, children, and pets. Employees are left with less access to their network than ever before. As WFH becomes the new norm, businesses will be required to re-evaluate their budgets in order to support the new WFH reality.

For businesses that were born on the internet, like Oktopost, scalable and secure platforms have always been the order of the day. At Oktopost, we see an opportunity for the SaaS industry to thrive in leading the way to a WFH compatible life-style.

What is WFH Compatible?

WFH Compatible is a self-certification that B2B SaaS companies can adapt in order to provide peace of mind to customers and prospects alike. A business that considers itself WFH Compatible may:

  1. Create a dedicated page explaining why it’s WFH Compatible
  2. Place the WFH Compatible logo on its website and collateral
  3. Add the WFH Compatible logo to social media pictures

As businesses work to adjust to today’s times by empowering a remote workforce, Oktopost is launching #WFH Compatible. The mission is easy: SaaS companies everywhere lead the movement in defining work from home compatible solutions. And we need your help!

It’s time to Work From Home!

Since the time of hunters and gatherers, workspaces and living spaces were combined.  This allows for the community to efficiently pool resources and effectively work together.

Yet, it wasn’t until thousands of years later, around the 20th century, that the first commercial workspaces transformed the way work was done. At that time, new inventions such as the telephone, the telegraph and the typewriter (precursors to the remote office communication tools used today) catapulted workforces forward.

Today, we are witnesses to how the rise in cloud-based SaaS technology has been transforming the advancement of future workforces. Here’s a look at the current situation:

With SaaS technology growing in sophistication, the challenge for many software providers is to keep the software simple so that remote personnel can get work done efficiently and easily, while simultaneously providing the functionality and interfaces to keep brands on the leading edge.

So where do we begin as working from home becomes mandatory over privilege?

Here are 5 Requirements That Support WFH Compatibility

  1. Accessibility to the platform with basic internet connection
  2. Ability to provide governance and compliance
  3. Built to allow segregation of rights/access to data and functionality
  4. Supportive of in-app messaging/notifications
  5. Designed to visually display when users are online and using the app

Read more about how Oktopost is committed to being WFH Compatible

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