Why Marketing Technology Should Integrate into a Bigger Ecosystem
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Why Marketing Technology Should Integrate into a Bigger Ecosystem

“The value of marketing technology is rarely in the specific functionality of the tool, but rather its ability to be part of a bigger ecosystem.”

– Urs Blickenstorfer, CEO of iundf Marketing


Today, because of marketing technology, CMO’s can take a seat at the strategy table. In the early days, marketing was more about operational efficiency and excellence. But the true digital transformation that is taking place right now is propelling rapid business innovation, putting marketeers at the forefront of driving new business models.

This shift has allowed marketing teams to experiment with new digital offerings. They learn quickly what is working. This speed into nuances and trends through advanced reporting and a whole lot of data has given CMOs the ability to explain the ROI of their investments to their relevant stakeholders. As well as secure marketing budget.

But with so much new marketing technology out there, what should CMOs be considering when purchasing new tools or optimizing the old ones? And how can they centralize all the different types of data from each tool to make sense of it all and then execute a plan?

On this podcast episode of Stuff You Should Know About Our Changed New World, Urs Blickenstorfer, Owner and CEO of iundf Marketing Technology AG, joins Colin Day, Managing Director EMEA at Oktopost to answer this question and more. These two share a contagious passion for marketing technology and offer a refreshing perspective on the state of marketing today.

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About Urs Blickenstorfer

Based out of Zurich and bringing 20+ years of experience in strategy, marketing and technology, Urs Blickenstofer is renowned for creating marketing heroes across organizations. He is the Owner and CEO of iundf Marketing Technology AG, a marketing technology consulting boutique that brings together cutting-edge technology with outstanding creative content to help brands shine across all channels.

In addition, Urs is a captivating lecturer at The University of Lucerne and HWZ Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration focusing on topics such as marketing technology, maturity assessments and business cases.

Key Takeaways From Urs Blickenstorfer

  • Every new piece of technology needs to integrate and fit into the existing ecosystem
  • Adoption is key! Teams need the most up-to-date skills and tools to manage marketing technology
  • Customers are first and the only focal point when it comes to driving your business
  • Break down the siloed data walls by creating a data maturity model
  • Experiment often with how to use data, build use cases, results come quickly
  • Have a clear paper to regulate how data is managed in the company
  • Technology has become easier to adopt, for example, Oktopost integrates with Zapier to ensure marketing technology works together.
  • The CMO still spends more than the CIO which suggests marketeers are the heaviest spenders in technology.

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