Connect Oktopost to Your Favorite Apps with Zapier
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Connect Oktopost to Your Favorite Apps with Zapier

For those unfamiliar, Zapier is one of the most essential tools for marketers that allows you to integrate 1500+ apps, without a single line of code or any knowledge of API programming.

Zapier can help automate repetitive tasks (aka the most boring ones) between different apps, including Oktopost. We offered limited access for a while, and today we’re thrilled to announce that our Zapier integration is officially available to everyone.

Get ready to zap away your routine.

To get you started, here are some of our favorite Oktopost automation, or Zaps, that will make your life easier.

Automate Social Demand Gen & Customer Care

Oktopost offers direct integration with Salesforce. But if you’re using different CRM software, you’ve been missing out on your customers’ and leads’ social data. These Zaps can fix that.

Microsoft Dynamics, PipedriveIntercom and other platforms’ users can automatically add social conversions captured by Oktopost to their CRM as new leads – and make them instantly visible to the sales team:

To help you stay on top of your customer care across all social media channels, we’ve also added integrations with Zendesk and Freshdesk:

Once activated, these Zaps will automatically create a ticket inside your customer service software whenever there is a new social conversation assigned to your customer support team in Oktopost.

Automate Content Delivery

More than half of a B2B company’s social feed is curated content. It means you are constantly on the hunt for new ideas and trusted sources of high-quality content. Zapier can cut down a few steps in this process. This integration will automatically save new items from any public or private RSS feed as ready-to-publish messages in Oktopost:

By the way, most of the websites you scan for new content are built on WordPress, hence have RSS feeds, even if it’s not pointed out anywhere on the page. To check if there is an RSS option, try adding “/feed” to the end of the URL (for example, If it didn’t work, there are more ways to find an RSS link.

You can set a similar automation for your own WordPress blog with another Zap. It will save all newly published posts as messages to a predefined Oktopost campaign:

Automate Internal Comms & Task Management

Here at Oktopost, we use Slack for internal communication and Trello for project management. And so do many of our customers. We figured it might be useful to let Oktopost talk to these apps. These Zaps will instantly notify you about new assignments from the Social Inbox or will add them to your task board:

We built similar templates for those of you who use and Asana:

We also added Zaps for Slack, Chatter and Yammer notifications from your advocacy board:

Make Your Own Zaps

You can create your own Zaps that will connect Oktopost to hundreds of other apps. It requires a bit more work, but you can tweak every small detail and make it perfectly fit your workflow. Here is Zapier’s detailed guide on how to build your first Zap.

Currently, you can use these Oktopost triggers:

And actions:

Feel free to drop us a line about templates, actions and triggers you’d love to see in the future.

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