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Law Firms

Connect with Your Clients and Get Vital Information on Social

See how Oktopost is helping law firms prospect business, monitor relevant issues, and engage with clients on social media.

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Track conversations around your clients' business

Monitor social conversations to stay ahead of issues that are important to your clients. With Oktopost's advanced social listening capabilities, you can easily follow your clients' news and updates, track the impacts of key events in their respective industries, and improve your other client services.

Effectively manage social media risks

Build and execute a smart social marketing strategy without exposing your firm to the potential risks of social media such as human error. Our compliance-friendly platform offers a wide range of governance tools to stay on top of your social media management with ease.


Create custom workflows to quickly review and approve social posts before they go live.

Access Management

Determine what access different employees have inside your social media management platform.

Banned Words

Prevent employees from posting inappropriate statements, sharing sensitive information, and so on.

Social media campaigns

Generate brand awareness with the power of the authentic voice

Empower your attorneys and other staff to build thought leadership on social and deliver expert insights that will help foster relationships and attract new clients. With Oktopost, you can generate positive word-of-mouth and build an organic following on social media by giving your team easy-to-use tools for streamlined employee advocacy.

Find and engage your prospects on social media

Tap into the business potential of social media by tracking your brand's interactions with new and existing clients. Oktopost's People Database enables law firms to effectively convert social inquiries into opportunities as well as identify and nurture leads that might be interested in your services.

Elevate your customer service with quick support on social media

Communicate with your clients where they are and respond to every social media query in a timely manner using our robust tools for customer care. Oktopost brings your every social message, mention, and comment into one unified inbox.

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