3 Amazing Podcast Episodes from B2B Marketing Now

3 Amazing Podcast Episodes from B2B Marketing Now

The premise behind B2B Marketing Now, Oktopost’s original podcast channel, could not be more simple: bring together the best of the best of the B2B marketing space, and episode-by-episode, share their experiences navigating the modern day marketing function.

B2B Marketing Now will show you something about marketing you never knew before, or invite you to explore topics with thought leaders who share a wealth of experience and insight from across the industry.

Each episode focus on trends, predictions and best practices transforming our new normal.

After 20+ episodes, released weekly, we’ve pulled the top 3 most amazing podcast conversations from season 2, Stuff You Should Know About Our Changed New World, with lovable host, Colin Day, Managing Director EMEA at Oktopost.

The 3 Most Amazing Podcast Episodes

The Discussion with Derek Shebby

Listen Now:

In this episode, popular YouTuber and Founder of Modern Sales Training, Derek Shebby, joins the conversation to talk about why everyone, regardless of what role you are in, can benefit from sales skills.

Making President’s Club 13 times during his 17 year career at Xerox, Shebby provides listeners with lessons learned and actionable takeaways from his own career.

The discussion also gives a candid perspective of the sales mindset for marketers to unite with their sales teams.

Derek even highlights proven sales methods and techniques directly from his course, Sales in 21 Days, to help listeners sharpen their sales skills right on this podcast!

The Conversation with Sarah Whipp

Listen Now:

Transforming marketing into something that delivers value is no easy feat for Chief Marketing Officers. They are challenged daily on how to build, curate and maintain a brand.

With no two days the same, we wanted to get inside of a CMO’s head for the day! Which is why we invited Sarah Whipp, CMO and Head of Go-To-Market Strategy, from Callsign to sit down with us to share a typical day in the life of a CMO.

This is a great episode for aspiring CMOs and current ones to think differently about the power of messaging.

The Dialogue with Dan Swift

Listen Now:

What is social selling? Dan Swift, CEO of Empire Selling, can certainly answer this question. Dan has dedicated his entire career to helping B2B companies impact revenue and create meaningful customer relationships through social media.

Back in 2012, Dan was a senior sales leader at LinkedIn responsible for training LinkedIn’s very own global sales team. Today, Dan has trained well 10,000+ sales people in the art of social selling over the last two years.

Teaching listeners the do’s and don’ts of social selling coupled with the power of compassion, empathy and transparency in relationship building, this is a must-listen episode if you are leading an employee advocacy program or an employee advocate.

These 3 incredible podcast episodes are only a few from the series.

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