3 Social Media Trends Marketers Should Know

on August 10, 2015

3 Social Media Trends Marketers Should Know

One of the fun and frightening things about social media marketing is that it is always changing. The ability to not only keep up with marketing trends, but to understand how they affect a marketing strategy is a skill that can drastically impact the effectiveness of a brand’s marketing campaigns. Understanding where the marketing industry as a whole is heading will help you decide where to spend time and marketing budget. B2B Marketing reminds me of 3 social media trends that we should be aware of care about them.

Here are 3 Social Media Trends Marketers Should Know:

Social Media Trend #1: Multimedia Content

As the benefits of videos and images become more widely known, the use of multimedia content is rapidly increasing – even for B2B marketers. Video content for marketing increased 73% this year and the use of infographics has grown 51%. This is probably because posts with videos attract three times as many inbound links as plain text posts. As your audience’s social media streams become even more visual it will be critical that you design content to stand out and catch their attention.

Social Media Trend #2: Mobile Dominance

According to Marketing Land, 94% of CMOs plan to use mobile within the next 3-5 years. As the popularity of mobile devices has substantially increased, it was inevitable that B2B businesses would have to incorporate mobile into their social media marketing strategy. According to Simon Kemp, there are 1.685 billion active mobile social accounts, meaning that in order to effectively target prospects, marketers must now mold their social media and marketing strategies to target customers both on and off mobile devices.

Social Media Trend #3: Smarketing

Two-thirds (67%) of marketers say a top priority this year is increasing sales directly attributable to digital marketing. B2B social media marketers understand the benefit of aligning their sales and marketing activities to generate more business. That’s because when sales and marketing are aligned, they achieve 27% faster profit growth and 24% faster revenue growth within a 3-year period. Marketers are now turning to social media management platforms that can integrate with their other sales and marketing tools to better align these teams and analytics that can track the lead source those sales came from.

Understanding how these three trends impact a B2B marketing strategy is crucial to a brand’s survival in the marketplace. How does your brand plan on improving their marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments below!


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