4 Twitter Lists B2B Marketers Forget About

on August 12, 2015

4 Twitter Lists B2B Marketers Forget About

If you’re like most B2B brands, your Twitter usage probably involves the use of lists – collections of followers sorted by specific criteria. This post will cover a variety of ways you can use lists to make Twitter more effective for your social media marketing.

Here’s a closer look at a few Twitter lists B2B Marketers should use, along with some tips on how to leverage them for a better social media ROI.

The Role Model List: There are a lot of brands out there using social media in really unique and creative ways – even B2C companies or B2B brands that have nothing to do with your industry. They’ll never be a competitor, customer or a prospect, and they’ll never write about you in the press. But you can still benefit from following them. Seeing the tactics and practices that have made them successful can give you ideas that will help you inspire your own social media strategy. Having a role model list will provide you with fresh new ideas – ideas that can be applied to a space and audience that haven’t seen them before.

The Employee List: It’s ironic that many B2B brands don’t follow their most loyal and vocal advocates – their own employees. By creating such a list, not only can you keep an eye on who’s sharing the brand content (as well as how often and how effectively), it also signals to the world that the brand is connected to its employees. This matters, not just for potential job-seekers, but to customers and prospects who want to work with (and buy from) brands with a strong company culture. Side note: As employees leave the company, make sure this list stays up-to-date.

The Competitor List: The competition is almost always being watched within B2B companies, but it’s just usually not in regards to social content. As you compete on products, features and price, you are also competing for the attention of your target audience. For that reason alone, it’s critical to keep an eye on your competitor’s social streams – looking for ways to gain a marketing edge. Side note: It’s probably a good idea to keep this list private.

The Niche Media List: Although media is a popular type of list, it tends to be incomplete in one of two ways. First, B2B brands either follow media outlets themselves instead of individual reporters (or vice versa), and second, these media twitter lists also tend to exclude everyone but the major players. If your B2B brand has a niche audience, then those niche publications have to be included. Be sure to give them their own list – and let them know about it by keeping the list public.

What other types of forgotten Twitter lists can you think of? Be sure to let us know in the comments section.

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