Adapting to Facebook Ads Redesign

Adapting to Facebook Ads Redesign

Succinct writing is a necessary skill of every good advertiser. By decreasing ad display size, the upcoming change to Facebook ads on mobile will be putting this skill to the test. 

Instead of the seven lines now displayed, the new design allows for only three lines of text before prompting readers to ‘see more’. The supported aspect ratio for images and videos will therefore also shrink – shortening to 4:5 from 2:3.

Facebook announced these design updates as an effort “to simplify our formats and improve the consistency of our mobile experience.” This, they claim, will benefit advertisers by increasing ad effectiveness and allowing them to easily use the same assets across Instagram ads and Facebook ads.

Users will start seeing these changes on August 19th, but there are a few things to double check in the meantime to ensure your Facebook ads remain prominent on their feed.



  • With less space to work with, you will need to get your message across much quicker. Readers should be able to grasp what you are advertising before needing to ‘see more’. 
  • Avoid unnecessary filler words and complex language. Despite the particular age of your target audience, always aim for simplistic readability. 
  • Create short and snappy headlines that include relevant keywords to your topic and audience. Questions, humor, and statistics are just a few of the many ways to draw in attention.


  • Likewise, your smaller images must still be clear to the scrolling eye. When optimizing your picture to the new ratio, be cautious of possible changes and distortions.
  • If your advertisement is particularly visual, make use of Facebook’s carousel format to display multiple images across scrollable cards. 

Try Something New

Do not be afraid to test different wording and designs in order to determine which is the most effective. Altering headlines, captions, text, pictures, and calls-to-action are all small changes that can make a big difference to your ad’s success.

If you are still having trouble adapting to the new layout, perhaps you should give the ever-growing format of video marketing a try. With an eye-catching thumbnail and a powerful message, you will see results in no time.

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