New Advocate-Facing Analytics: the Ultimate Trick to Recharge Your Program
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New Advocate-Facing Analytics: the Ultimate Trick to Recharge Your Program

The actual driving force behind every B2B social media success story is people.

But if you’re here, you probably don’t need any more convincing that employee advocacy works. You’ve already done a great job launching your program and hyping it up to get everyone excited, which has prompted high participation rates right off the bat.

Now the question is how to hook advocates in for the long haul.

Even with leadership buy-in and ultimate support from across your entire company, employees tend to forget and push things that are not their immediate priority. Well, except for the stuff they’re really invested in.

So how do you keep the excitement going? A lot of it is what content you give them (we love this Venn diagram):

What you do to push advocacy internally (training, gamification, rewards, etc.) and how well you communicate what’s in it for advocates can also make or break your program. In other words, a successful social advocacy program requires creativity and a lot of work.

Oktopost is here to help you solve this challenge!

Today, we’re thrilled to launch Advocate Analytics, a new feature in the Oktopost Advocacy Board that will help you keep your advocates engaged and motivated, consistently coming back to share more.

Oktopost’s advocate-facing dashboards provide them with a wealth of data on their individual social performances.

The biggest hook of social media is the instant gratification of getting likes and comments. In employee advocacy, it’s augmented by the real value these engagements can bring to each participant’s career and the company’s bottom line, making it an absolute magnet for employees. But only if they have full visibility into the data.

We’ve come up with this feature after we discovered that some of our most successful customers had been religiously feeding engagement data back to their advocates—and how big of a difference it made for their programs.

Our new advocate-facing analytics allow your employees to track the impact they’re generating across various metrics, their follower growth, and what subjects and formats are driving engagement, in one user-friendly interface:

On top of that, we also send automated weekly emails to your advocates summarizing their performance on the board.

The Advocate Analytics feature is already available in your account, you can enable it for the entire board or specific advocate roles from the board’s settings.

Have a question or want to share your feedback on this feature? Send us a message!

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