How to Use Clicks & Conversions to Figure Out Which Social Networks Perform Best

on January 4, 2016

How to Use Clicks & Conversions to Figure Out Which Social Networks Perform Best

If you’re like most companies focused on generating leads, you probably have a variety of marketing channels aimed at filling the top of your funnel. To be successful using social media for lead generation, it’s imperative to focus on the networks that result in the greatest ROI. In order to identify your top performing content, you should be tracking metrics that really matter. Clicks, and especially conversions, for each social network.

Track and analyze your social networks individually to identify which channels are bringing in the most conversions. Different platforms perform better for different companies depending on where your target audience resides. 47% of Americans say Facebook is their number 1 influencer of purchases. However, you may be seeing that more conversions are coming from Twitter or LinkedIn. By tracking conversions to see which network is having the greatest impact, you can focus your time and budget on those specific platforms.

On each platform, measure the engagement and conversion rates of each piece of content. You can segment your content by specific campaigns you are running or analyze the different types of content. Your customers may be converting on such items as webinars or event pages. B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads per month than those who don’t. But, be sure you are tracking if those leads are converting or not. If you know which type of content and what trends perform the best, you can create more materials relevant to what has a higher conversion rate.

Discover insights on the posting frequency and timing. 57% of a typical purchase decision is made before a customer even talks to a supplier. Track the social leads from when they engage with your content and become a lead to when they become a customer. If you know what is driving your conversion rate, you are able to focus your efforts on the correct platforms and create the most engaging content for your audience. You’ll be able to increase your leads and have a greater overall impact.

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