Guess Who Writes the Most Effective B2B Social Media Content? The Answer Will Surprise You

on November 19, 2015

Guess Who Writes the Most Effective B2B Social Media Content?  The Answer Will Surprise You

Who Writes the Most Effective B2B Social Media Content? It’s not your brilliant B2B marketing team. It’s not the CEOs and thought leaders. It’s not a dedicated content writing staff.

It’s your customers.

Content created by those who have used, or will use, your products and services stands a great chance of outperforming just about any other marketing tactic. As many as 94% of professionals in a recent survey noted that they trust content and reviews by their peers above all else. B2C companies have leveraged user-generated content (UGC) to great effect—just think of the multitude of memes, fan videos, enthusiastic blog posts, and other pieces of media extolling the virtues of household name brands like Apple and Starbucks. However, B2B marketers have every reason to take advantage of the rich customer insights and brand visibility that UGC can offer.

Here, we’ll discuss more fully what user-generated content (UGC) is, why it works, and how you as a B2B marketer can incorporate it into your social media marketing campaign to build brand awareness, boost your lead generation, and raise your revenues.

What B2B user-generated content is, and why it works

B2B UGC can be defined as any content produced by your target audience and publicly shareable among other potential customers. In the specific context of B2B social media marketing, this is content users create on social platforms around your brand and product.  It can appear as text, video, images, or podcasts—any imaginable type of media.

UGC can take on any one of several forms. Perhaps the most ubiquitous example, in the B2B world is customer reviews and testimonials. Professionals who use and review B2B products and services can be great sources of valuable information for their peers. In reviews and testimonials, satisfied customers might go beyond indicating they like your product, diving into specifics such as technical details and how-to details that will attract and engage potential leads.

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UGC can also exist as case studies, which can be thought of as a much more in-depth version of the customer review. Standout customers who are loyal and have been helped through a major project are often ideal contributors of case study content that will interest similar end-users.

The concept of customer advocacy also goes hand-in-hand with UGC. Going well beyond “content,” customer advocacy can comprise many pieces of media, such as videos from happy customers explaining how others can benefit from specific features of your product, or forums and communities, moderated by satisfied customers, and a broad range of activity, such as, but not limited to, presentations at events or the formation of mutually-beneficial corporate partnerships.

There are several reasons why UGC works so well:

With all of the ways strategically-used UGC can enhance your business, it’s essential to start building it into your overall marketing approach.

Reaping the benefits of B2B user-generated content

With traditional B2B marketing, the content creation process is straightforward—put together a schedule, create the content, upload it to designated platforms and distribute it among your audience. But it can be difficult to envision obtaining UGC content from the start.

Here are a number of strategies you can execute to extract content from leads, customers, and your target audience at large:

Pick and choose the tactics that make sense for your business and brand, and track the success of your UGC integration accordingly. In doing so, you’ll be able to determine the exact value of particular types of UGC to your specific marketing objectives.

User-generated content is the future

Don’t get left behind! Put the power of UGC to work within your overall content and social media strategies, and experience the greater efficiency and ROI it will bring to all of your marketing efforts.

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