Fielding Your Social Media Team

on August 27, 2015

Fielding Your Social Media Team

For enterprise B2B companies, utilizing social media to its full potential requires more than a teenage intern with a laptop. That’s probably why 78% of companies now have dedicated social media teams. But how should these teams be comprised? And who should be responsible for what actions? These are critical questions to ask when structuring your social media team.

While social media teams for B2B business have certainly grown, you do not necessarily need to increase your marketing department’s size or make new hires to be effective. Since every organization will be different, here are a few suggested titles to divvy up among team members:

Fielding Your [titles]_SoMeMa

Every company, regardless of size, will want at least one person to manage and oversee all aspects of social media. They might not necessarily create or schedule everything, but they likely will review every post before it goes live. Like a coach, this person sets the strategy and ensures that the team has enough training and resources to execute.

Fielding Your [titles]_CoCo

The main responsibility of this person is to create content. While they can (and should) have the ability to upload, edit and publish, their real strength comes from creative content generation. It’s therefore recommended to keep them focused on what they do best, and leave the day-to-day scheduling and management to someone else.

Fielding Your [titles]_MaAn

The role of the Marketing Analyst is to leverage social media analytics to understand performance level, and to identify trends (both past and present) to capitalize on in the future. Like the social media manager, this person will be involved in almost every phase of the process, but they will not generally be a tactical worker (i.e. writing content). Instead, they offer value from the strategic side of the equation.

Fielding Your [titles]_MaAg

A growing number of brands, choose to leave social media to an outside agency. When the handoff is comprehensive (i.e. the agency is doing everything) they should be able to complete any of the actions of the aforementioned roles. When an agency is used a hybrid model (some social media done in house, the rest via an agency) then permissions and roles need to be customized accordingly.


Managers, tacticians and strategists – what other roles does a social media team need?

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