How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

on October 26, 2015

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

As the number-one social media outlet for professional networking, LinkedIn should never be ignored as part of a B2B marketing plan. With 380 million users and growing, LinkedIn gives smart marketers the opportunity to capture and captivate leads around the world on a daily basis.

Each social network, of course, comes with its own set of best practices for user engagement. By making full use of the four “tabs” that the LinkedIn Company Page provides; Overview, Products and Services, Analytics, and a paid option, Careers—you’ll increase opportunities to attract new leads and prospective employees to your brand, and set the stage for thriving client relationships.

Follow the steps below to create a solid Company Page and enhance it for maximum impact.

 1. Flesh out your profile

Three components to the Overview profile combine to create a first impression: the description, the logo, and the banner. These three elements should, as a unit, grab the attention of your prospects and draw them into the most powerful aspects of your overall marketing message. A thoughtful upfront presentation can provide the initial spark for strong customer relationships.

Make the most of each profile element by carefully crafting it around your brand’s uniqueness:

  1. The description is your opportunity to let prospects know who you are. In a short paragraph or two, make concise statements about what services you offer, and especially about what makes you different from competitors in your industry.
  2. Your logo should be uploaded as a sharp image measuring 400 x 400 pixels, and should be a unique visual reminder of your brand in your prospects’ eyes. Bear in mind that a small version of the logo will appear next to all of status updates you publish.
  3. Your banner is a 646 x 220-pixel image that’s emblazoned across the top of your Company Page’s Overview tab. You should select an image based on a specific angle of your brand’s message—whether it’s customer satisfaction, a short, punchy tagline that communicates value, or a clear picture of what your services achieve for your clients.

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2. Focus on staff involvement and new employee recruitment

It would be fair to consider employees the lifeblood of a B2B firm. Involving your employees in your LinkedIn marketing, and recruiting new talent through the platform, will strengthen your company and offerings.

Having your employees follow your LinkedIn Company Page can naturally add more credibility to your outreach, both on and under the surface—human faces behind the profile can create a show of solidarity, and it expands your real presence on the network. And, because LinkedIn is a premier job-seeking platform featuring 3 million open positions as of February 2015, it goes without question that you should develop your Careers tab.

Here’s how to strengthen LinkedIn Company Page via current employees, while attracting new ones:

  1. Have your employees follow your page. This will cause your LinkedIn presence to be seen by members connected to each LinkedIn employee, thus making your company known among potential customers and job-seekers that are otherwise unreachable.
  2. Have employees contribute. Depending on the size of your company or marketing staff, you may choose to have all of your employees contribute content, or certain members of your staff speak to their areas of expertise. This can contribute to a unified message for your brand.
  3. Invest in an upgraded membership, which gives you a Careers tab. On the Careers tab, you can use a rich multimedia presentation to emphasize the benefits of working for your firm. Information such as statistical data about your company’s success and market share, as well as how your products and services work, can draw the interest of new talent towards specific job postings. The stronger the impression of the professional fulfillment and career enhancement you offer, the better your chances of attracting the best job candidates.

3. Use audience segmentation and analytics to solidify engagement

LinkedIn doesn’t stop at providing an excellent platform to establish thought leadership.

With a Company Page, you have access to tools for defining more than one specific segment of your audience, so that you can craft messages that appeal to them and only them. You also get an Analytics tab which yields invaluable insights about which content works best for you, and which content you can tweak for optimal performance.

Make use of LinkedIn’s advanced features for Company Pages to take lead engagement to the next level:

LinkedIn’s domination of the “social networking for professionals” niche cannot be understated, and any B2B firm that fails to take advantage of the network’s powerful marketing tools does so at its own peril. Using the advice above, create a LinkedIn Company Page that both vividly describes your business and piques the interest of prospective leads and talent, and take your social media marketing efforts to new levels.

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