Top 10 LinkedIn post generator tools
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Top 10 LinkedIn post generator tools

Imagine getting your product in front of 65 million decision-makers. Thanks to LinkedIn, this is actually possible. But reaching your target audience is one thing; building trust and getting buyers excited about your product is another.

64% of B2B leaders consider thought leadership more trustworthy than marketing materials when assessing a vendor’s capabilities and competency. At the same time, 65% admitted that a single thought leadership piece significantly improved their perception of a company.

LinkedIn isn’t a platform that thrives on flash and no substance. To establish your brand on this platform, you need a consistent stream of insightful content and compelling posts.

What is a LinkedIn post generator tool?

A LinkedIn post generator is a tool that automates creating content for LinkedIn. These tools can outline, optimize, and schedule your posts, and ones that include generative AI can even write them for you.

Weekly long-form posts are known to boost thought leadership on LinkedIn. However, producing that much content every week, enhancing it with the right images, and maintaining a high level of quality at all times is a significant commitment. LinkedIn post generators can keep the content flowing without straining your resources.

Benefits of LinkedIn post generator tools

The main benefit of LinkedIn post generators is the time they save you. If you’ve created your own content, you know the effort it takes to produce readable, engaging copy in a consistent brand voice. Plus, you must keep up with B2B social media trends and incorporate them into your posts. LinkedIn post generators can help you do all this in a fraction of the time.

Additional benefits of post generators include creating varied content on a wide range of topics and increasing your brand visibility through a consistent and frequent publishing schedule. You can also personalize LinkedIn lead gen forms and posts to drive key decision-makers down the funnel.

Key features to look for in a LinkedIn post generator tool

Some tools stick to the fundamentals of content creation, while others assist with the entire social media marketing workflow. Here are some key features that make a LinkedIn post generator tool a valuable resource:

  • Content suggestions: Sometimes, the hardest part is coming up with the initial idea for a post. Some tools leverage social listening to analyze trending topics and online engagement and suggest prompts with high engagement potential.
  • Hashtag recommendations: If you create great content and nobody reads it, is it still great content? Look for tools that will recommend hashtags and keywords that maximize your discoverability.
  • Post scheduling: Tools like Oktopost provide features for creating an optimized content calendar and automatically publishing posts at the appropriate time.
  • Analytics: Analyzing social data and reporting KPIs can tell you what is or isn’t working so you can shift your LinkedIn strategy swiftly.
  • Multi-platform integration: LinkedIn probably isn’t your only marketing channel, and it’s helpful when a tool can work with other platforms and campaign types.

Top 10 LinkedIn post generator tools

 1. Taplio


This all-in-one tool uses AI to develop ideas, copy, and make improvements for text-based LinkedIn posts. It also includes scheduling, lead nurturing features, and analytics to help you determine if your posts are succeeding at building an audience and strengthening your brand.

Best for:

Covering the essential elements of content creation and helping you develop ideas into fleshed-out posts. Some marketers may find Taplio lacking in advanced features.

Customer Review:

“Simple, efficient. Significantly reduces content creation time.”

2. Oktopost


As a comprehensive social media management platform, Oktopost can optimize every key aspect of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Its extensive array of B2B social media management features includes an AI content generation tool and the ability to automate the scheduling of posts on LinkedIn and all your other social channels. It also provides features like social listening, robust B2B social media analytics, and employee advocacy to improve social selling on LinkedIn.

Best for:

B2B marketing leaders who want streamlined social media management with advanced analytics.

Customer Review:

“Oktopost makes scheduling social media campaigns extremely simple and easy to organize. The platform also makes it very easy to integrate employee advocacy.”

3. Jasper


Jasper is an AI writing assistant tool that can generate content in over thirty languages. Jasper’s AI was trained on real-world examples of effective marketing content, giving it an edge when creating engaging posts for a platform like LinkedIn.

Best for:

Quickly generating high-quality written content. Jasper’s AI engine and varied templates make it easy to get posts up fast, but you might need to source an additional solution if you need a full range of B2B-specific social media management options.

Customer Review:

“Without Jasper’s assistance, there is no way I would have time to post daily. Jasper is like having a partner in my business who is super quick and efficient.”

4. Writesonic


This AI tool was designed to write content with SEO in mind, helping you draw outside audiences to your LinkedIn pages. It uses Google data to ensure timeliness and accuracy, learns how to reproduce your desired brand voice, and utilizes competitor analytics to keep your articles in the highest search result rankings.

Best for:

Writesonic is excellent for capitalizing on trends and improving your SEO.

Customer Review:

“The quality of the content generated is unique, engaging, and good. Finally happy with AI copywriting.”

5. Postwise


Postwise is an AI content generator that has been trained to write posts that go viral. It was initially designed with X (Twitter) in mind and geared toward automating e-commerce marketing. However, it now includes features optimized for creating share-worthy LinkedIn posts. It also has a user-friendly dashboard interface and tools to help you grow your social media brand efficiently.

Best for:

Marketers looking for a fast and easy way to generate engaging posts. If you want a solution focused on LinkedIn from the get-go and oriented toward B2B marketing, this might not be for you.

Customer Review:

“I know most people use this tool for Twitter, but I signed up to try out their new LinkedIn feature, and I’m happy with it.”

6. Anyword


Built with marketers’ needs in mind, this solution emphasizes the importance of readable, engaging copy with maximum conversion potential. Anyword can develop a robust and insightful command of your brand voice by training its AI on your best-performing marketing campaigns, helping you create high-quality content for LinkedIn.

Best for:

Composing posts in a natural, on-brand voice that delivers your message effectively on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Customer Review:

“It does a remarkable job creating natural-sounding paragraphs and fine-tuning text to perfection.”


Copy AI

This comprehensive AI platform covers a variety of features for both sales and marketing functions. It’s adept at creating concise text for LinkedIn ads and longer posts, and it can help with lead scoring, SEO, CRM hygiene, and demand generation across all customer journey steps.

Best for:

Automating a broad scope of tasks with the help of AI. Creating custom workflows gives great flexibility, but it might be overkill if you only need an AI copywriter.

Customer Review:

“I’ve had a lot of success with it because it sounds like I am personally talking to the person who already has somewhat of an interest in the product I’m trying to sell.”

8. GetGenie


GetGenie combines keyword research and analytics tools with content generation features, resulting in a robust platform designed to get you to the top of the SERPs. It can enhance the visibility of your LinkedIn posts by using visualization tools to identify your content gaps and predictive scoring to help you optimize your final drafts.

Best for:

Using keyword and competitor research to maximize SEO. While GetGenie provides content generation, that isn’t the product’s primary focus.

Customer Review:

“It’s a one-stop shop for SEO content optimization and offers a lot of data to support the writing process.”


StoryLab is a complete social media management suite. In addition to producing AI-written content in various formats, this solution can help you brainstorm ideas and themes for your LinkedIn posts that you could potentially build entire campaigns around.

Best for:

Marketers who need to generate captions, descriptions, and longer copy blocks for various use cases. While does have useful social media management features, it’s not explicitly geared toward B2B companies and their particular requirements.

Customer Review:

“It’s designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive processes that simplify content marketing, making it accessible for beginners and seasoned marketers.”


This solution is a ChatGPT-powered Chrome extension designed to create LinkedIn posts from a two to three-sentence prompt. You can select different tones of voice for your output and choose the best of several options.

Best for:

Automating your engagement on LinkedIn. helps write comments as well as longer posts. The main drawback is that it doesn’t have all the features of larger platforms.

Customer Review:

“The user interface is intuitive, and the features are quite robust. It’s made my life much easier.”

Generate posts that generate interest

The most important thing to remember when creating ongoing content is to give your audience relevant, timely, and interesting posts. Before you can turn a post generator loose to create content for you, you need to find out what your customers want to see and what keeps them engaged.

Just cranking out tons of content on a regular schedule isn’t going to win over your LinkedIn audience—you need quality content that resonates. Oktopost’s analytics can give you insights into the things that motivate your potential buyers and capture their attention, with features to help you deliver your message in the most compelling way. See how Oktopost can turn your LinkedIn account into a major marketing asset.

Simplify your social publishing activities

Learn how Oktopost will help your savvy team, plan, prioritize, and grow a solid social media marketing strategy with the most intuitive tools.

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